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Content Submission

The Oberlin Review accepts submissions of content from Oberlin College students, staff, faculty and alumni as well as from residents of Oberlin, Ohio. For inquiries about submission of content, please contact our managing editor at

Any organization wishing to promote itself in the Review should contact our advertising manager at to inquire about our rates. If an organization wishes to address the student body, it may submit information as a letter to the editors. See submission guidelines below.

Letters to the Editors Policy:

The Review appreciates and welcomes letters to the editors and column submissions. Submissions should be sent to or Wilder Box 90, 135 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, Ohio and will be published as soon as possible after receipt. Letters must include the full names and contact information of their authors for verification and are generally between 200-600 words. They may not exceed 600 words except with the written consent of the editorial board. Electronically submitted letters from multiple writers should be carbon-copied to all signatories to confirm authorship.

The Review reserves the right to edit letters for content, space, spelling, grammar and libel. All letters are printed at the discretion of the editorial board and in their published form become the property of the Review. The Review reserves the right to refuse any request to alter or remove published content. Submission of any letter to the editors constitutes an understanding of this policy.

All comments posted onto the Review website after February 7, 2011 fall under the purview of the Review‘s letters to the editors policy.

Opinions expressed in letters, columns, essays, cartoons or other commentary pieces do not necessarily reflect those of the Review staff.