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Students Call for Gibson’s Bakery Boycott

Students Call for Gibson’s Bakery Boycott

Tyler Sloan, Editor-in-Chief and Oliver Bok, News Editor
November 11
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Update: Since this article was originally written, President Marvin Krislov and Dean of Students and Vice President Meredith Raimondo have issued an official response to Student Senate's resolution ceasing all support for Gibson's Bakery, financial and otherwise. The text of the response can be found here. C...

Oberlin ACF Actions Polarize Campus

Josh Koller, Contributing Writer
September 30
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This is the first installment in the Review’s new Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, Student Senators will provide personal perspectives on recent events on campus and in the community. Oberlin College’s student body is never at rest, nor should it be, giv...

Non-Black Allies Must Engage With Protest Critics

Jasper Clarkberg, Contributing Writer
December 4
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On Nov. 6, Aaron Pressman wrote a column accusing “students who make up the majority opinion” of stifling dissent on campus (“Discouraging Dissent Stifles Intellectual Growth,” The Oberlin Review). I have heard this “millennial college students don’t want to debate” criticism from many places recen...

Staff, Faculty of Color Stand with Campus Protesters

November 20
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An open letter from staff and faculty of color at Oberlin College and Conservatory: To the students at Missouri State, Yale, Ithaca, Claremont McKenna and elsewhere: As you have raised your voices against racism to demand better, we have been overcome by heartbreak and inspiration. It is heartbreaki...

Alumni Leaders Support Students’ Call for Diversity, Sensitivity

Lorri Olan, Chuck Spitulnik, and Andy Rowan
November 20
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To our friends in the Oberlin community: We are the three officers of the Oberlin Alumni Association and are proud to be part of Oberlin’s long and proud tradition of standing upright and facing issues and challenges related to social justice, racial equality and inclusiveness, broadly defined....

Beyond Solidarity: Linking Campus Movements, Not Moments

Megs Gisela Bautista, College fifth-year and Student Senate Liaison
November 13
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To the Editors: To the Black students here at Oberlin College, as well as at the University of Missouri, Yale University, Claremont McKenna College, Howard University, Ithaca College and college campuses around the country, let me be clear: This is not simply an expression of solidarity. After hea...

Despite Declining Popularity, Twitter Serves Purpose for Citizen Journalists

Ben Silverman, Contributing Writer
November 13
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Twitter is undergoing turbulence. Its struggles to hold users’ interest have caused some to speculate that the 140-character model of sharing news and opinions may have been overvalued by investors and potentially the rest of society. Although Twitter is currently the ninth most popular website in t...

Dance Diaspora Perform to Horace Silver

Dance Diaspora Perform to Horace Silver

Michelle Chu
October 9
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During Alumni Reunion Weekend, Dance Diaspora performers and jazz musicians showed off their creative skills with their performance of Horace Silver: Song For My Father & Other Matters Pertaining to the Heart. Alumni Kevin Louis, OC ’99, on trumpet, Shea Pierre, OC ’14, on piano, Josh Moton, O...

Off the Cuff: Justin Emeka and Yveline Alexis, assistant professors of Africana Studies and Black Lives Matter panelists

Off the Cuff: Justin Emeka and Yveline Alexis, assistant professors of Africana Studies and Black Lives Matter panelists

Tyler Sloan, News Editor
September 11
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Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Theater Justin Emeka, OC ’95, and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Yveline Alexis led a panel about the Black Lives Matter movement on Oberlin’s campus and abroad on Thursday evening. Professor Alexis teaches a number of courses about Caribbean ...

Media Paints Inaccurate Portrayal of Baltimore

Kyle Tribble, Contributing Writer
May 1
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All my life, my mother has stressed to me the importance of having “common sense.” Whether it was getting my homework in on time, treating my elders with respect or simply making responsible choices, there have been myriad lessons my mom has imbued in me during my short life, most of which I still...

By Ignoring Parallels with Present, Audiences Undercut Black Retellings of History

Editorial Board
February 13
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Fresh from the success of a powerful Winter Term production that filled Hall Auditorium last weekend, members of the cast of Dessa Rose reunited Wednesday for one final performance, this time before a markedly different audience: minimum-security inmates at Grafton Correctional Institution. “I cannot...

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