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OMTA’s Spring Awakening Ethereal, Relevant

Brendan Eprile, Staff Writer
December 9, 2016
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The Oberlin College Theater Department presented a stunning and poignant rendition of Spring Awakening over the weekend. The musical is an exploration of the emotional turmoil of teenage sexuality, love and angst. Despite its late 19th-century setting, several of the themes it addresses — such as abortion...

Spring Awakening Interrogates Taboo

Spring Awakening Interrogates Taboo

Victoria Garber, Arts Editor
December 2, 2016
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Oberlin Musical Theater Association presents Spring Awakening, a rock musical adapted for Broadway in 2006 from Frank Wedekind’s 1906 play of the same name. Controversial at the time due to its unflattering portrayal of late 19th century Germany, the play presents a powerful critique of a societal struct...

OMTA Looks from Stage to Stars in “Fly By Night”

OMTA Looks from Stage to Stars in “Fly By Night”

Julia Peterson, Production Editor
November 18, 2016
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Oberlin Musical Theatre Association’s rendition of the 2014 Off- Broadway musical Fly By Night raises questions of cosmic significance and the vicissitudes of fate. The production will take place in Wilder Main Space this weekend. The play’s narrative centers on Harold, a New York City sandwich ma...

Eosphoros, Durham Organize Villainous Halloween Showcase

Louise Edwards, Arts Editor
November 6, 2015
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During the opening act of Oberlin Musical Theater Association’s Villains Showcase, presented last Friday and Saturday in a Kahn Hall lounge, College junior Julia Redden threw open the doors of the closet she was hiding in and began belting “Miss Baltimore Crabs” from the musical Hairspray. As ...

Urinetown’s Irreverent Humor Refreshes Somber Theater Scene

Phoebe Hammer, Arts Editor
April 25, 2014
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Yes, there really is a musical called Urinetown, and yes, it is about pee. This weekend the Oberlin Musical Theater Association will be performing Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis’s Tony Award-winning comedy in Wilder Main. Directed by College senior Aaron Palmer, the production is poised to generate laughs a...

The ‘Godspell’ According to OMTA

The ‘Godspell’ According to OMTA

Andrea Goltz
February 21, 2014
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Conversations about faith are risky at Oberlin. Beliefs vary widely, and many students completely reject organized religion. Considering this sometimes uncertain religious climate, the high attendance at the Oberlin Musical Theater Association’s production of Godspell, a musical based entirely on New...

Cabaret Succeeds on Every Front

Sarah Westbrook, Staff Writer
May 3, 2013
Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

In the Oberlin Musical Theater Association’s production of Cabaret, which ran in Wilder Main from April 25 through 27, director and College junior Hayes Biche led his cast and crew in a beautiful, engaging and incisively acted version of the classic musical; everything from the use of a pit orchest...

Into the Woods A Fun, Fairytale Romp

Julian Ring, Staff Writer
December 14, 2012
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Since its 1987 debut, Into the Woods has remained the best way to condense all the Brothers Grimm fairytales into one production. Whether for convenience’s sake or because of its widespread acclaim, the most famous of Stephen Sondheim’s later works has graced major stages from Broadway to West ...

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