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Community, Council Mulls Divisive Renewable Energy Credits

Community, Council Mulls Divisive Renewable Energy Credits

Olive Sherman
February 10
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Oberlin residents will now get to decide for themselves how their share of the city’s Renewable Energy Credits should be spent. Following a divisive resolution made last August to redistribute 85 percent of the $2.6 million the city earned in Renewable Energy Credits to the city’s ratepayers,...

Until Next Time: What’s to Come Next Semester

Tyler Sloan, News Editor
December 12
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Strategic Plan: College President Marvin Krislov said that a final draft of the Strategic Plan will be published in March. The Steering Committee released a draft, titled Oberlin College Strategic Plan 2016-2021: Shaping the Future, on Tuesday, Oct. 26, which was met with student concern regarding a...

REC Reinvestment Upholds Oberlin’s Commitment to Sustainability

Editorial Board
November 20
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The most pressing issue facing newly-elected City Council members is the allocation of Renewable Energy Certificates, a benefit of Oberlin’s EPA Green Power Partnership. RECs were originally intended to be reinvested in renewable energy and carbon reduction initiatives for communities to expand their...

Council Delays REC Discussion Until Late December

Oliver Bok and Tyler Sloan
November 20
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Oberlin’s City Council decided to table the issue of how to allocate $800,000 in Renewable Energy Credits until late December following weeks of tense debate. At Council’s weekly meeting on Monday, City Council President Scott Broadwell suggested that the group reconvene on the issue during a work...

Green Energy Credits Should Be Spent Investing in Future

Charles Peterson, Oberlin resident
October 30
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To the Editors: The Oct. 19 City Council work session [on] Oberlin’s Renewable Energy Credits was a clear demonstration of the differences in vision among Oberlin’s City Council. The issue at hand is what to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in green energy credits earned by the city. Th...

RECs Best Used by Returning to Utility Customers

Tony Mealy, Oberlin resident, member of PUC
October 30
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To the Editor: Oberlin Renewable Energy Credits should be distributed wisely. Based on the REC revenue update provided by the [Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System] Director this past week, there will be approximately $2.5 million in proceeds to the electric utility by the end of 2016. There ...

Student Vote Critical for REC Investment Decision

Carl McDaniel, OC ’64, Visiting Professor, Oberlin City Public Utilities Commissioner
October 30
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To the Editors: A major issue of concern to Oberlin students is now before City Council: what to do with several million dollars earned from exchanging renewable energy credits. A bit of history is informative. In 2008, four newly-elected Council members, elected in part because of student vot...

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