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Conservatory Students Plan Post-Election Support

Text and photo by Eilish Spear, Staff Writer

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Conservatory students met Wednesday night to discuss the results of the election, what it means for Oberlin student musicians and the many emotions that are spreading through the community. The discussion was unfacilitated and covered everything from ideas for fundraising concerts to the role of music in promoting societal change. The students present agreed to work toward leading a countrywide network of conservatories committed to promoting the music of minorities and to spearhead informed, sensitive community-engagement projects. But “we are people first, and musicians second,” Conservatory junior Nic Vigilante said. “Classical music is not the universal language, and often there are far more efficient ways to reach people to promote political change.” Conservatory junior Emily Edelstein, who organized the event, said afterwards, “We will continue the hard work of examining ourselves and being the most loving and supportive Conservatory we can be.”

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