CPB Deepens Commitment to Justice

To the Editors:

A Statement from Community Peace Builders of Oberlin:

As the United States recently inaugurated a new president, Community Peace Builders of Oberlin and like-minded groups and movements around the world are concerned at the ways in which actions of the incoming administration may negatively impact individuals living in our communities, our efforts to build a just and peaceful world and the work underway to save the planet.

In January, Community Peace Builders, along with others around the world, have been more keenly focused on inaugurating movements of hope, renewal and non-violent resistance. We will be deepening our commitment and strengthening our efforts for peace, justice and the prevention of environmental destruction.

In the days and months ahead there are five principles that our movement will follow:

First, taking action for justice and peace that will counteract fear and despair. Second, helping ensure that our community is a safe and just place. Third, standing as we can with individuals threatened by hate and injustice. Fourth, looking for opportunities to network, share ideas and organize with others. Finally, in our actions, being as inclusive as possible to care for others and ourselves.

Community Peace Builders is an organization of committed peace builders. We invite you to attend our meetings at The First Church in Oberlin UCC on the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. We encourage you to join us at the Peace Vigil every Saturday at noon on Tappan Square (signs available).

We look forward to 2017 and what will arise from all of our efforts to inaugurate a local movement of hope, renewal and nonviolent resistance.

– Rev. Steve Hammond
Peace Community Church

– Al Carroll
OC ’58
Facilitator, Community Peace Builders