Oberlin Citizens Should Look to Rimbert, Jindra for Council

To the Editors:

It’s difficult to imagine two stronger candidates for Oberlin City Council than Ron Rimbert and Bill Jindra.

Ron is one of the finest councilmembers I have had the privilege of working with. Ron’s greatest strength is his dedication to serving all of Oberlin, while bringing a personal perspective from our southeast neighborhoods.

Ron was involved in Oberlin’s earliest conversations about sustainability. He suggested and established a “super rebate” program, doubling the city’s financial incentives for the replacement of outdated, energy-wasting appliances.

Ron has served on the council for 16 years, including as vice chair and most recently as chair. As chair, Ron has guided discussions firmly but fairly. He has strongly supported many council initiatives, including a proclamation condemning President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Peace Accords, a vote raising the minimum wage for city workers, a proclamation reaffirming Oberlin’s status as a sanctuary city, a vote establishing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a proclamation asserting council’s support for DACA and the rights of “Dreamers,” and a vote amending city ordinances to strengthen protections for the LGBTQ community in the College and town.

Ron has said that Oberlin must always take stands that put us on “the right side of history.”

Bill Jindra is a former councilmember and a longtime resident of Oberlin. He and his family have been dedicated to making Oberlin a quality community. Bill’s wife, Robin, is also a former councilmember who headed the Oberlin Senior Center. His daughter, Emily, has been an Oberlin firefighter and currently works as a counselor at Langston Middle School.

Bill served on the selection committee for our new police chief. After retiring as a detective on the Avon Lake Police Department, he became the bailiff in Oberlin’s Municipal Court.

As a former councilmember, Bill is most proud of working to save Mercy Allen Memorial Hospital.

If elected, Bill would be committed to continuing Oberlin’s path to sustainability, improving strained relations with Oberlin College, and exploring incentives to encourage police officers to live in town.

I encourage you to support these two strong candidates for Oberlin City Council.

Sharon Fairchild Soucy
Member of Oberlin City Council