Singleton Provides Honest, Committed Council Candidate

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To the Editors:

Kelley Singleton deserves to be reelected to Oberlin City Council.

As a registered Oberlin voter and one that attends most council meetings, I have been impressed by Kelley’s efforts to execute his council role representing all residents in a professional and engaged manner.

In my opinion, Kelley has steadily given thoughtful consideration to issues presented for discussion and/or review amongst fellow councilmembers and/or fellow residents. Kelley listens attentively, asks pertinent questions, and voices his concerns in an appropriate and calm manner.

Kelley is committed to standing up for what is right for all community residents. Kelley addresses concerns realistically with sensible solutions. Kelley expressed strong support for the council’s reaffirming Oberlin as a sanctuary city, voted to condemn pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, and advocated for the additional protections for the LGBTQ community passed by the council.

It’s easy to be disparaging about politics. But a local election allows all registered voters the opportunity to cast a vote for someone they know who demonstrates honesty, is intelligent and is respected. Kelley Singleton has demonstrated throughout his first term as a councilman that he is a great agent for all people.

Marianne Caldwell
Oberlin Resident