2017 Candidates and Issues: Heather Adelman and Linda Slocum

To the Editors:

The City of Oberlin is blessed to have a number of excellent candidates for City Council this year. Two candidates in particular may be less familiar to many but merit special attention: Heather Adelman and Linda Slocum.

Heather Adelman’s leadership in Oberlin revolves around three themes: economic development, building collaborations among stakeholders, and sustainability. She is the market manager for the Oberlin Farmer’s Market and co-founder of the Oberlin Food Hub, two efforts that provide economic opportunities for small and medium-sized farms in the area. As vice chair of the City’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Commission and former assistant director of the Oberlin Project, she has experience working with people in city government, public schools, and the College. Heather will not just show up to City Council meetings, but will also work hard in between them to help Oberlin realize its vision.

Linda Slocum has served one term on council, and in that time she has also proven herself to be a leader on issues related to economic development, collaboration, and sustainability. Her voting record demonstrates a commitment to Oberlin’s proud heritage of progressive civil rights issues, and a commitment to Oberlin’s Strategic Plan and carbon neutrality plan. We need a consensus-builder like Slocum on the council.

In addition to Adelman and Slocum, Sharon Pearson and Bryan Burgess are council veterans with a history of excellent public service, transparency, and commitment to Oberlin’s goals of economic development and sustainability. I support these four outstanding candidates.

Cindy Frantz
Professor of Psychology

Linda Slocum has proven to be a valuable member of Oberlin City Council the last two years. She works conscientiously, does her homework on issues, and expresses her opinion clearly and compactly. Her goals for the next term include ways to create a more inviting climate for families and businesses.

Heather Adelman is a first- time candidate for Council with a wealth of useful background in environmental issues. She has worked hard and been effective on boards on which she has served.

I urge a vote for these two women in November.

Dina Schoonmaker
Oberlin Resident