Correction of Student Working Group Proposals

Alison Williams and Eric Estes

To the Editors:

Thank you for your coverage of the student working groups. We are writing to clarify a matter that was addressed in the Sept. 20, 2013 Review article “Administration Begins Implementation of Several Working Group Proposals.” As the article rightly points out, the working groups proposal called for more budget support related to workshops and trainings. Dean Estes was correct that the MRC budget allocation for workshops and trainings was increased significantly (by 80 percent) to try and meet some of the rising demand for those work- shops and trainings. Dean Williams is also correct that more will need to be done in future budget years given the significant increase in demand for these important educational programs. We regret any confusion on this point given the importance of MRC trainings and workshops for the educational experience of all students.

–Alison Williams
Director of the Multicultural Resource Center and Associate Dean for Academic Diversity

–Eric Estes
Vice President and Dean of Students