Leona Grigsby Finds Excellent Candidate in Charlita Anderson White

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To the Editors:

Magistrate Charlita Anderson White is a glowing example of professionalism, intuition, and legal knowledge. She is the only candidate with 19 years as a domestic relations court jurist. I met her almost 20 years ago while I was assigned to her courtroom to interpret for Deaf participants. Her patience, fairness, knowledge of the law, and her compassion impressed me. I always felt privileged to be assigned to her courtroom. She has a wonderful way of reassuring Court participants. Children, parents, lawyers, and witnesses have been confident that they are safe and their rights have been being protected for over 19 years. She has presided over trials, pre-trials, motion hearings, and many other proceedings. I admire her competence and her good-natured manner. She is firm and respectful and she really cares about the people that come before her because she has touched and served generations of families. She is also a very skilled and knowledgeable professor of Law and Ethics. She was my professor at Tiffin University. Her approach to teaching is calm, reassuring, and engaging and I saw that in her work as a magistrate. She explains and deliberates with the same precision as a law professor. She is also a spiritual person. She believes in toughness, fairness, and grace in making her rulings. Make the best choice for judge. Vote for Magistrate Charlita Anderson White for Lorain County Domestic Relations Court on May 8!

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