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1. Snatch

5. URL beginning

10. Small amount

14. Big name in jeans 

15. Type of window

16. ____ Bear

17. Abbr. for unknown18 Fisher and Ury negotiation acronym 

19. Second smallest of the Great Lakes 

20. 1787 Mozart opera 

23. The letter after ‘M’…

24. Ship that inspired Moby Dick

25. Principles or beliefs minus first letter

26. “___ kingdom come” 

27. _____ as a rock 

29. San ___, Venetian church 

31. A dirty magazine, say 

35. 9/11 building abbr. 

36. Uncomfortable bowel protrusion 

39. Member of fictional crime family 

41. Subway musicians 

42. Evaluate

43. London weather 

44. Snaky noise

45. Precursor to EU 

46. Lowest female vocal range, plural 

48. College admissions test

50. Clause to suggest an alternative 

52. Subject of “Pale Blue Dot” speech 

57. Kook

58. 1853 Verdi opera 

60. Dull, perhaps like anatomy 

62. Tree resin native to Philippines 

63. Water in Madrid 

64. Old Italian currency, plural 

65. What one might do at crunch time? 

66. Bawdy desire 

67. Western companion? 

68. Door accessories, for a hinge 

69. Allows 


1. Grassy knoll 

2. What comes after demolitions, abbr. 

3. Stratford’s river and an Ohio town 

4. What one might do with chocolate or TV 

5. Vagrant 

6. Words that might appear on a tourism poster

7. Ship captained by Edward Smith 

8. What Shakespeare did to Hamlet 

9. Tilt 

10. What might be up one’s sleeve 

11. Who’s on bass? 

12. Like Colin Farrell and James Joyce 

13. Oft preceder of tiny 

21. Score roman judges might give

22. Rapa Nui and O’ahu 

28. Possesses 

30. Bothers 

31. Gov. org. in charge of pensions 

32. Android or iPhone software 

33. Like the U.S. Men’s Hockey team at the 1980 Olympics 

34. Like a Redwood or an Aspen 

36. French author Victor 

37. Tax man’s org. 

38. Symbol of Democratic Party 

40. Code system computers use to represent text 

41. Position of a novice’s boat 

43. Small flowers 

46. Southern hemisphere constellation whose name is latin for “pump”

47. Follows Dead or Baltic 

48. Measured in degrees 

49. Body that governs a church in Catholicism 

51. What Iago wants a pound of 

53. “… under any circumstances” 

54. Off the leash 

55. A ___ fall among friends 

56. Race prelims 

59. Whales at a casino 

61. Still 

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