1. Latin prefix meaning “distant” 

2. Person who leads prayer in a mosque

3. Familial figure sharing its name with a bug

4. Toward the back of a ship 

5. Key you press to indent

6. Color 

7. Friendly alien from the ’80s

8. Sudden attack by the enemy 

9. Formal waist sash 

10. Lakers legend 

12. Collect $200 

13. See 3 down, character in The Wizard of Oz

14. Cold, unmoving demeanor

17. String instrument popular during the European Renaissance

23. Organization to aid those recovering from alcoholism

24. Tom Riddle

25. Woodworkers’ instruments

28. The leg lamp from A Christmas Story

29. Dishonest conduct, specifically by doctors and lawyers

31. Soft French cheese 

32. Short-lived trend

35. Introduce air into

36. Olive, canola, vegetable

39. Filler word to indicate uncertainty

40. Molecule or atom with net electric charge

41. Electronic software program, often seen with an “i” in front

42. Sheet of rock moved sideways over a neighboring sheet of rock, geology term 

45. 4G mobile communications standards 

49. A great amount, singular

50. Mathematical term, shorthand for the square root of the mean square

52. Giant cloud of space dust

54. Second person pronoun, Spanish 

56. Blabbering, same word twice

58. Helpful inhabitant of the North Pole

59. Red rum 

60. Bowman’s aid 

62. Calls into question 

66. Espresso and steamed milk

67. User of a beloved social media app, RIP 

69. Without diversion 

71. Largest course of a meal

73. Shade in the brown family 

74. Hunk actor who rose to fame in the 2006 movie Step Up

76. The larger of human reproductive cells, plural

77. One afflicted by a disease commonly referenced in the Bible, cured by Jesus

81. Bill! Bill! Bill!

86. @

88. Egyptian sun god

89. “You’ll float, too” novel


1. Disney princess of the ribbiting ’20s 

5. Celebrity with a geological nickname 

11. Love denier in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

15. Australian cousin to the ostrich

16. Mexican dish wrapped with a fried tortilla

18. Acronym of a Canadian university

19. A meditative noise 

20. Initials for a computer network spanning a small area 

21. Mode of travel for Londoners

22. Shakespeare’s heartbeat 

24. An old fashioned expression of wonder and amazement

25. First responder

27. Honorable woman 

29. Wind maker 

31. ____ and flows 

32. Coy 

34. High school program for high-achievers 

36. Referring to travel to a foreign country

37. “Open wide” 

42. Robespierre’s demise

43. To wait in anticipation

45. Changes light color

46. Sad and apathetic behavior

47. What a chatty person gives

50. Everyone’s least favorite word

52. A group that advocates upholding the second amendment

53. Father

54. An annoying person is such a ____ 

56. Indicating personal belonging 

60. Two crows making plans to meet their friends

62. Acronym of an Illinois metropolitan art school

63. Electric 

64. Initials of the actor who played Jacob Black in Twilight 

65. Hallucinogenic drug

67. Text slang for an amorous feeling

69. Institutor of The New Deal

71. Feeling of relaxation

74. A person who prefers uppercase letters 

77. A figure to be worshipped 

78. Enclosed by 

79. Peninsula enclosing the Gulf of Mexico 

81. Returned from the dead 

82. Perry the Platypus’s secret occupation

83. Counseling

84. Initials of the actor portraying Breaking Bad’s Hank Schrader

86. Body part with a drum

89. Creepy

90. The dried fruit found in the title of Lorraine Hansberry’s best-known work 

91. Small asteroid 

92. What seven did to nine