David Gibson, 65, Passes

David Gibson, co-owner of Gibson’s Bakery, died Saturday Nov. 16 at age 65. In a video released in August, Gibson revealed that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late 2018.

Gibson was a lifelong resident of Oberlin and a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. This past May, his family was awarded $44 million, a number later capped at $25 million under Ohio law, as a result of the lawsuit filed by Gibson’s Bakery against Oberlin College and Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo.

Gibson previously served on the Lorain County Planning Commission and as chairman of the Oberlin Planning Commission.

Gibson is survived by his wife, Lorna (Perkins) Gibson; his children, Krista, Allyn, and Steven Gibson; and his father, Allyn W. Gibson, among others.