Obies, Please Vote For Biden-Harris 2020

I’m sure that, despite differing Democratic primary allegiances, many Obies understand the gravity of this country’s current political situation and are planning to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris this coming presidential election. To those Obies who are less than enthusiastic about the presidential ticket, please indulge me for five minutes. In addition to the fact that many Obies can vote in Ohio, one of the most important swing states, there are three fundamental points that should motivate you to go to the polls and vote for Biden-Harris. 

First and foremost, a second Trump term will gravely affect the vulnerable communities in the United States. Many Obies, myself included, are White and affluent and may have suffered only political outrage over these past four years. In contrast, many Obies and people outside of Oberlin have been more directly affected by the cruel policies of the Trump administration. Four more years of this monster means more migrant children in cages, more low-income people going without healthcare, and, of course, more people dying from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For those who can vote, it is our duty to use our voting power to protect these communities from the continuing threat of Trump and his cronies in Congress. 

Second, many Obies would actually agree with Biden’s policy proposals. While he may not be Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Biden’s policy platform has become significantly more progressive since he became the Democratic nominee. For example, his “made in America” economic plan aims to mobilize the government to create lasting jobs — many of them environmentally sustainable — with an emphasis on helping minority and low-income communities, as well as empowering labor and trade unions. As Sanders himself said, if Biden is elected, his policies will be some of the most progressive since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. 

Finally, while the most immediate effects of another Trump presidency will be felt by people of color, low income communities, people with disabilities, and the elderly, the broader political effects of an authoritarian administration will affect us all. While the United States is far from perfect, many of us take for granted living in a liberal democracy. However, during the Trump administration we have seen unprecedented attacks on democratic norms, such as the arrests of journalists covering Black Lives Matter protests, and the horrific abductions of Portland protesters by Federal Agents into unmarked vans. We cannot allow the prospect of a further erosion of democracy into authoritarianism if Trump and his enablers were to win a second term. Thus, voting for Biden-Harris is voting for our flawed, but precious democracy. 

These are the primary reasons we should vote for Biden-Harris as soon as possible. Some may like the ticket; some may not. However, if we Obies want to work toward a better, more equitable country, we must do our civic duty by ensuring that Trump is ousted and that a presidential ticket that better responds to the needs and realities of Americans is elected into power. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can do that.