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WhoSampled with Jessie Julian, College fourth-year

WhoSampled with DJJJ airs Fridays 10–11 p.m. on WOBC.

What is your show about, and how did you choose your content?

My show is called WhoSampled, and I basically play hip-hop songs and the songs they sample back to back. I kind of fell in love with hip-hop through samples — a good sample would always draw me in. And I had started to identify a lot of them in what I was listening to, so it just made sense to turn it into a show. I started using this website called WhoSampled to discover new samples, and decided to name my show after it. 

Is there a particular format you follow? What is your recording process like? 

I try to have a different theme every week. Some of my favorites have been a show dedicated to women in hip-hop that I do around International Women’s Day every year, mashups, and horrorcore/emo rap. I am luckily able to do my show in-person this year because I am on campus and I do it alone. There is a one-person limit in the booth. 


What has been a challenge you faced while broadcasting this semester? A success?

The only challenge has been not having quite the same community feeling of talking to the DJs with the show before or after mine, or being able to invite guests on. I have been doing my show for three years, so the community is something I really value. Unfortunately, some things just can’t happen due to COVID. I was working on an archival project for the station as part of a group of students doing a private reading that could not continue this year. However, I think the experience isn’t drastically different: I have been able to run my workgroup in the station (following all COVID-19 guidelines, of course, and only allowing six-person sessions), which has been really great. Workgroups are things all WOBC DJs must join in order to keep the station running and thriving. Mine, the traffic workgroup, goes through music submissions sent to the station via mail. I have also been able to maintain community by encouraging friends and listeners to call into my show, which is a fun way to open things up and get music requests. People really are listening out there! 


Can you provide a sample that gives us a taste of what WhoSampled is about?

There are some old shows and playlists on my SoundCloud, but I can’t guarantee the quality of them. There is a really good mashup playlist on there though.

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