Morocco: Summer Sunsets and Rooftop Recliners

COVID-19 disappears in summer. Even if it hasn’t been scientifically proven, Morocco has chosen to believe in this myth. Like last year, as the summer begins, life is starting up again in Casablanca. Restaurants, beaches, and shops are now open, and people don’t wear masks anymore — or if they do, it’s below their mouths. There is a curfew at 11 p.m., but authorities are not strict about it because everyone is tired of the situation, and Moroccan rules are made to be broken. As of writing this article, 21 percent of the population has been vaccinated, and things are slowly getting better. For example, they opened the borders between cities. 

Some people don’t trust the vaccine, but everyone is getting it anyway. There are definitely fewer people outside than before the pandemic. I feel like adults have lost the habit of going out and are more reluctant to meet with people. This probably has more to do with losing social skills than fearing the virus. At the risk of getting cancelled, personally, COVID-19 has never prevented me from going out. I have only been back for a week, so I haven’t done much. I’ve spent my days with my friends. We drove, went to the beach, and shopped. I also decided to create an outdoor lounge on my rooftop for my friends and myself — and my family, if they’re nice. Later this summer, I plan on traveling with my friends to Europe if borders open or somewhere in Morocco. Overall, this summer will probably be like the last one, which is pretty cool. As long as I have the sun and the beach, I’m happy.

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