2022 Ohio Senate Primary Candidates

The Ohio 2022 primary is currently slated to take place on May 3. The voter registration deadline is April 4.


Tim Ryan is the current United States representative for Ohio’s 13th District, and he serves as the co-chair of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus. In his role, he has worked to combat the opioid crisis in Ohio and supported investment in clean water infrastructure for Lake Erie. If elected to the Senate, Ryan hopes to raise wages, make health care more affordable, invest in education, rebuild public infrastructure, and revitalize manufacturing.

Morgan Harper previously served as a Senior Advisor at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Director of Policy & Advocacy at the American Economic Liberties Project. She also co-founded Columbus Stand Up!, which organizes volunteers to assist with pandemic response and voter mobilization. Her campaign calls for refreshing antitrust and labor laws, implementing Medicare for All, and closing the wealth gap with systemic reparations.



Josh Mandel is a former Ohio state treasurer and state representative. In 2012, he ran for Senate against Senator Sherrod Brown. Mandel touts his accomplishments of increasing transparency in state spending and enabling taxpayers to pay taxes in cryptocurrency. He is a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s America First agenda, religious liberty, and the pro-Israel movement.

Mike Gibbons is an entrepreneur and recently served as the Ohio finance co-chair for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. As a senator, Gibbons hopes to defund Planned Parenthood, protect the Second Amendment, and reform health care. As a businessman, he also hopes to introduce a flatter tax code and reduce regulation on businesses to promote job growth.