Builders, Citizens Arrested by Turkish Government After Earthquake

According to an article published by Reuters, damages in Turkey could range from $25 to $80 billion. The Turkish government arrested at least 113 builders, architects, and engineers connected to the construction of buildings that were leveled in the earthquake. The government has arrested 78 citizens for making “provocative posts” and has begun legal proceedings against 293 individuals accused of posting inflammatory content.

United Nations Secretary- General Declares Rising Sea Levels “Death Sentence” For Some Nations

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, citing new data revealing that sea levels had risen rapidly since 1900, addressed the UN Security Council on Tuesday, warning of danger for those in coastal areas with particularly low elevations. “The danger is especially acute for nearly 900 million people who live in coastal zones at low elevations — that’s one out of 10 people on Earth,” he told the council, per Al Jazeera.

Proposal by G20 Host India to Decrease Loan Burden on Developing Countries

According to an article published by Reuters, India is working on a proposal that would ask China to limit its loans to developing countries. China has funded infrastructure growth for many middle- and lower-income countries. According to an article published by BBC, this strategy has faced criticism from other countries as a “debt trap,” where countries who cannot repay their loans have to give China control of their assets. Finance ministers and central bank chiefs will meet in Bengaluru next week as part of India’s G20 host year.

Mystery Objects Identified in U.S. Airspace, Downed by Military

On Sunday, President Biden ordered the shooting of the fourth “mystery object” to be downed this month. The object shot on Sunday was shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan near the Canadian border. According to BBC, U.S. Northern Command Commander General Glen Van- Herck could not rule out that the objects were extra-terrestrials. “I’m not going to categorise them as balloons. We’re calling them objects for a reason,” VanHerck said, per BBC. “What we are seeing is very, very small objects that produce a very, very low radar cross-section.”