Board of Trustees Elects McGregor As New Chair

Board of Trustees Elects McGregor As New Chair

Zach Freed

Oberlin College announced on March 7 that Clyde McGregor, OC ’74, had been selected as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees. McGregor has a long history with the College, having served as a board member since 1998. In the press release issued by the administration, McGregor spoke fondly of his time both as a student and as a board member.

According to the Oberlin website, the board of Trustees “manages the welfare of the College and entrusts the day-to-day operations to the president.” It is made up of 24 members elected by the Board itself, six members elected by alumni, and three class trustees appointed by new graduating years, who serve shorter terms than Board members. The board has specific subcommittees for investment, student affairs, capital planning, budget and academic affairs. The Board in its entirety meets four times per year.

The Board appointed a search committee to find the new chair. According to McGregor’s predecessor, Robert Lemle, he was the obvious choice for the Board, which “enthusiastically and unanimously accepted their recommendation.”

Outside of his work with Oberlin as a Board member, McGregor works as a financial analyst and has held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations.

As chair, McGregor has pledged to make the College as financially strong as possible in the face of the recession.