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Football Fan Looks Forward to Anderson Era

Peter Brubaker, Central Heating Plant

To the Editor:

I’m late writing this, as the column that is prompting me to write appeared in a February Oberlin Review. I felt some negativity in the article entitled “Football Ushers in New Era with Anderson” (Feb. 14, 2014).

I personally feel that the “New Era” will be a lot of the same. Expensive small schools fielding teams with “real” student athletes. I say this with more experience than anyone mentioned in the article. I’ve watched most home games and some away games dating back to 1978.

I remember Coach Don Hunsinger stopping by my place of business on Saturday mornings to remind me of a home game that day if I had time to come. I won’t expound on Don, as he is a friend as well as a wonderful football coach.

If I missed an article about the positive things that Coach Ramsey did while here at Oberlin, I am remiss. I read the paper regularly. He brought this team up to a place — a good place for Coach Anderson to take over. Does anybody else remember –0– for the 1990s? I do. Realistically, four or five wins a year is good. I know there are some close games I wish we had won, as I am sure many fans do as well. Beating nationally ranked Division III The College of Wooster in the past was great. I also wish I could have called a few plays during games for Coach Ramsey, but that is just me. I love football!

Anyway, I want to wish Coach Anderson lots of luck. I watched him play football at Oberlin High School and at Toledo. I thought he was a great player, and that’s coming from a Wellington guy! In closing — good luck to Coach Ramsey — he was always friendly and approachable. Coach Anderson, I wish you great success. I really enjoy coming to the games, and who wouldn’t enjoy more wins? A new era sometimes is needed. The sidelines never seemed to give that 12th man excitement. Hopefully you will instill some new energy in the team.

– Peter Brubaker

Central Heating Plant

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Established 1874.
Football Fan Looks Forward to Anderson Era