Ray Young for State Board of Education

Julie Torrence

To the Editors:

I am a special education teacher and a mother. In both of these roles, I have had many questions and concerns with the function of our education system. I have sat in countless staff meetings and listened time and time again to the new plans laid out by our political leaders. I have heard the grumblings of teachers and administrators asking: Why the changes? Things are fine the way they are. Do these politicians know anything about teaching? Have they even spent one day in the shoes of an educator? Do they remember how difficult it was to be a student and carry the weight of the world? While I don’t doubt that most politicians strive to make better systems for our schools to achieve a brighter tomorrow, it really seems like it can be an us versus them mentality.

When I learned about Ray Young running for State Board of Education, I was especially excited because he was a teacher for nearly two decades. He has four children and ten grandchildren (who all live within District 2), so he truly understands the concerns and needs of parents and families. He also spent several years working as principal at both Lake Local Schools and Sandusky City Schools. He knows what is required and beneficial for managing a busy school full of teachers, students and parents. He has also served on a local school board of education and spent several years equipping future educators as an instructor for Bowling Green State University.

Ray Young is running for State Board of Education in hopes to be a voice for the parents, teachers and administrators in District 2 who do not feel like their thoughts and ideas are being heard. He wants to bring a full spectrum of experience and knowledge to our state leaders with his northwest Ohio neighbors being his voice. I had Ray Young as a teacher and he assisted me at different points during my college education. He offered his cell phone number and took calls even during holidays and weekends. He is very passionate about education and extremely knowledgeable. During my college preparations and through these early years of my career, he has been supportive and encouraging and has offered a great wealth of knowledge to assist me in my own classroom. He has been a great listener and offered helpful resources and support when discussing my concerns about the new teacher evaluation system and the Common Core State Standards. He is honest, dedicated, passionate, hardworking and trustworthy. He has my vote, and I’d like you to consider him as well.

–Julie Torrence

Resident of Perrysburg, Ohio