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Musician Profile: Jazz Pianist Nicki Adams

Meghan Farnsworth

April 15, 2011

“Oh, I’ve got a huge outie,” Conservatory senior Nicholas “Nicki” Adams laughs as he stands by the piano. “Have you heard of the belly button snatcher? Yeah, I read about him once when I was a kid, and I was so scared of him. He would snatch belly buttons!” With his bright, generous smile and light laugh, jazz pianist Adams is a strong yet innocent personality who has charmed many on the Oberlin campus. Today, he is clad in loose, worn pants and a borrowed sweater aged with holes. Yet it is his shoes that draw my attention even closer: sage-green sneakers with holes in the toes. Adams’s approach to life, as well as his approach to music, is as unique as his shoes (not to mention his belly button)....

Magpie Pizza Review: Hipster Casual Eatery Sets Scrumptious New Precedent For Local Pizza

EJ Dickson, Arts Editor

April 6, 2011

Kvetching about the lack of decent pizza on campus is something of an Olympic sport at Oberlin, with transplanted New Yorkers and Chicagoans taking the gold medal. One rarely walks past the dining halls without overhearing bearded hipsters lamenting the meat lovers’ pie at Stevie, or bespectacled first-years yearning for a vegan slice from the Roberta’s in Bushwick. For those who “don’t care about pizza,” or for those who can happily choke down a Domino’s Buffalo chicken pie, the high-octane grumbling of disgruntled pizza lovers may seem trivial and petty; yet for the more discerning among us, who would rather have a full frontal lobotomy than walk past a Little Caesar’s, the awfulness of Oberlin pizza...

Nostalgia: A Column about Antique Fashion

Liv Combe, News Editor

April 6, 2011

Although the Great Crash occurred in 1929, it took a few years for the luxury and decadence of the Roaring Twenties to plummet along with the stock market. By 1933, when this photo was taken on Tappan Square during a campus picnic in May, the public had begun to feel the effects of the Great Depression, and with a difficult economic climate came more conservative popular fashions. In contrast to the androgynous and boyish silhouette of the 1920s, a more traditional “womanly” look was in favor during the ’30s. Accentuated shoulders and waists were emphasized instead of the hips of the 1920s; Waistlines were raised back up and skirts were lowered down to mid-calf. Soft, fluttering dresses were cut on the bias...

Drag Ball: A Manifesto in Two Parts

Hunter O'Neill

April 6, 2011

Hunter O'Neill President, Drag Ball Committee The term “drag ball” is thrown around on campus as if it were an Oberlin-specific phenomenon, but this could not be further from the truth: drag balls find their roots in Harlem at the turn of the 20th century. Though initially organized by white gay men, they featured multiracial audiences and participants. The balls became sites of non-conformist expressions of racial, sexual and gender identity, and began to transform from “costume parties” to full-out drag beauty pageants. Slowly, as the 1960’s rolled around, white participants and organizers began to exercise a form of control and appropriation that offered queens of color little to no voice, respect ...

Senior Studio member Skylar Sweetman, left, discusses her art with internationally acclaimed artist Roni Horn. Sweetman was one of four artists selected by the Exhibition Initiative to undergo the honor of a critique of her work by Horn.

Artist Roni Horn Displays Multiple Personalities During Visit to Oberlin

March 11, 2011

“Which Roni Horn do you want to talk to?” visiting artist Roni Horn asked a packed classroom in the Art Building before opening up a question-and-answer session. “There are many of them.” This bold, yet strikingly honest statement was characteristic of the way the artist addressed eager students and faculty members alike during her visit last Friday. Indeed, Horn’s multiple “Roni Horns” reflect the broad scope of her work, which encompasses a range of media including photography,...

New Music Venue Offers Fresh Vibe

Lizzie Conner

March 11, 2011

It’s difficult to explain the location of the newly established 3 Doors Studio — I usually settle on, “It’s that house near Beethoven’s with all the weird stuff on the porch. All the colorful art, y’know?” Primarily a studio space for several local artists who split rent, the house has also hosted a handful of donation-based, acoustic shows since it opened a few months ago. Although no one on campus seems to have discovered this gem yet, it may be exactly what the Oberlin music scene needs, and I was excited to play there again. On the last Sunday in February, a crowd of about 40 people — half of whom were students — and one jumpy puppy showed up at 121 South Main to find a furniture-less living...

Cute. A Fashion Column: Glamrock Meets ’60s Chic

Peter Meckel

December 11, 2009

Name: Joanna Lemle Year: College senior Major: Environmental studies Favorite designer: rag & bone Self-described look: Punk rock meets sexy grandpa Current obsession: Shoes Now that we’re done with our two-hour-long talk about the human psyche, and you’ve had three cups of coffee, how did you grow into your personal fashion sense? I’ve always loved fashion, but I think it’s taken me a while to find my aesthetic because I’m mostly concerned with dressing in a way that flatters my body. I mean, I’m five feet, two inches, so I’m limited to certain styles and fits — it’s not like I can just choose to wear anything. Even if I’m really feeling inspired by specific looks, they don...

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