The Oberlin Review

Taking on Tyson Inspires, Charlie Sheen Still Crazy

Rachel Avcioglu, Staff Writer

January 26, 2011

When I first heard the synopsis of Mike Tyson's new TV show Taking On Tyson, I had to laugh. Mike Tyson, the old heavyweight champion of the world, having a show on Animal Planet about his love for pigeons? That couldn’t possibly be serious. But after the first five minutes of the pilot episode, I knew I was in love. Throughout his career, Mike has had issues with anger, drugs, alcohol and domestic violence, yet he has always sought refuge from his problems by taking care of pigeons in his native New York. After retiring from the ring, Tyson decided to train and raise homing pigeons, and he is now going up against some of the seasoned vets in a competition to see who can raise the fastest birds. A keen focus on...

Putnam County Musical Spells Out Laughter

Rebecca Caine, Production Manager

December 11, 2009

As the audience members arrived to fill the seats in Wilder Main on Saturday afternoon, I whispered to my friend who was sitting next to me, “I hope I can come up with enough to write. I don’t know if I really like musicals.” Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee kept me grinning throughout the production, and judging from the frequent laughter of the audience, I wasn’t the only one. The one-act show chronicled the events at the finals of Putnam County’s regional spelling bee, where six eccentric elementary and middle schoolers competed for a spot at nationals. Though the musical was confined to a single afternoon in the school gymnasium, the characters’...

Intro Shorts Showcase New Talent

Tess Yanisch

December 11, 2009

Last weekend, the Theater 101 class put on its showcase, displaying the skills of the enrolled students. According to Matthew Wright, the class’s professor of record, all these actors are first-semester Obies, and all but one are first-year (apparently there’s a transfer student in the mix somewhere). Their levels of experience, however, vary widely. The directors were also students, upperclassmen, most of whom also began their Oberlin theater careers with Theater 101. The short plays, all well done, covered many themes, tones and genres. So many students meant many plays — thirteen in total — that required two separate programs, each a little over an hour in length. I attended both. Each play presented...

Crispin Hellion Glover Shows Latest Work

Aaron Botwick

December 4, 2009

On Saturday, Nov. 21, Crispin Hellion Glover appeared in West Lecture Hall. The room was pitch-black except for a single red-tinted spotlight on his face. Without introduction, Glover began to present his “BIG SLIDE SHOW,” a collection of books from the 1800s that he rewrote for a one-hour dramatic performance. Delivered entirely with a straight face, this hilarious show chronicles a series of phantasmagoric stories featuring narrators who sound like raving madmen out of a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. By combining half-finished sentences with dissonant but eerie photographs, the books written by Glover play out as if they were fragments of dreams that David Lynch might have had long ago. One of his books, Studies...

OCircus Enacts “The Seven Deadly Sins”

Tess M. Yanisch

December 4, 2009

The premise was simple: the Hell Shopping Network was filming a commercial in front of a live studio audience. On Friday, Nov. 20 and Saturday, Nov. 21, the students in OCircus used that concept to put on an astonishing display of their talents. “The Seven Deadly Sins” took place at the Cat in the Cream. After an introduction by HSN spokesperson Lilith, played by College senior Chris Gentes, the performers did a skit demonstrating the value of each of the sins in question. First, an angel and a demon pitted their poi skills against each other, demonstrating the “practical applications of Envy.” Next came Gluttony, in which a menu of decadent desserts tempted two diners into acrobatic feats — while eating....

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