Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Banchoff on Dali, the Fourth Dimension

Alex Howard, News Editor February 24, 2012

In his lecture “The 4th Dimension and Salvador Dalí” on Monday night, Thomas Banchoff, professor of mathematics at Brown University, shared his experiences exploring the fourth dimension through the...

Lt. Choi Speaks on Love, Activism

Joelle Lingat, Staff Writer February 17, 2012

Lieutenant Dan Choi was introduced last Tuesday in Finney Chapel with the words, “On this Valentine’s Day, we welcome a man who has fought long for love.” The West Point graduate came to speak...

Out Spoken Provides LGBTQ Student Support

Kasey Cheydleur February 17, 2012

Out Spoken is a support group for LGBTQ students started last semester by Katharine Hahn from the Counseling Center and Asher Kolieboi from the Multicultural Resource Center. “It is really designed...

Sil Lai Abrams Facilitates Discussion of Race

Alex Howard, News Editor February 17, 2012

In her talk “Passing Strangely: An In-Depth Look at the Phenomenon of Passing for White,” empowerment specialist and domestic violence awareness advocate Sil Lai Abrams shared her childhood experience...

Black History Month Celebrates Achievements, Past and Present

Alex Howard, News Editor February 17, 2012

Founded by abolitionists, a stop on the Underground Railroad and the first institution to award college degrees to African Americans, Oberlin College is firmly rooted in Black History and has been celebrating...

Rabbi Speaks on Sex Trafficking, Moral Obligation of Israelis

Rosemary Boeglin, Staff Writer February 17, 2012

J Street U, the student arm of J Street, the largest pro-Israel political action committee in the U.S., hosted Rabbi Levi Lauer on Feb. 13 to discuss his work to depose the sex trafficking trade in...

Oberlin Ranks Third in Peace Corp Volunteers

February 17, 2012

Although Oberlin has historically been well-represented in terms of number of alumni who become Peace Corps volunteers, this year the college placed third on the Peace Corps’s top list of small colleges...

RCT Boosts Composting Efforts, Expects Further Progress

Joseph Dilworth February 17, 2012

Waste not, want not. Thanks to student environmentalists, Oberlin’s emphasis on composting is increasing at an astonishing rate. Last semester, the Resource Conservation Team managed to divert over...

Lt. Dan Choi will speak in Finney on Feb. 14 about his experiences fighting against Dont Ask, Dont Tell.

Off the Cuff with Lieutenant Dan Choi

Allegra Kirkland, Editor-In-Chief February 10, 2012

What made you decide to join the army, and did “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” give you reservations about joining the service? I joined because I saw Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump and a couple...

Campus Retrofitting Saves Money, Energy

Joseph Dilworth February 10, 2012

Since the end of the fall semester, Oberlin has begun the first of a three-phase retrofitting lighting project in 22 buildings, which will purportedly save both money and energy. School officials believe...

Students Utilize Winter Term Opportunity

Katherine Hamilton, Staff Writer February 10, 2012

With its notoriously loose parameters, Winter Term projects tend to span the spectrum from next to nothing to more work than students due during the semester. Though credit hours earned often fail to correspond...

Efron Speaks on Israeli Protestors, Social Justice

Kasey Cheydleur February 10, 2012

Noah Efron, visiting speaker from Bar Ilan University, spoke to students about Israel’s Occupy movement on Feb. 9, and expressed his enthusiasm for the young people in his country. Efron, who...

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