The Oberlin Review

The Review Ineffectively Addresses AMP

David R. Ashenhurst

December 11, 2009

To the Editors: You could knock me over with a feather: The Oberlin News-Tribune, with far less time to put it together, actually presented the American Municipal Power Generating Station story better than The Oberlin Review did. That’s almost the first time in my memory, and certainly the first on a story with a significant environmental and policy dimension. Consider first that American Municipal Power issued a press release and held a press conference (though there is very little evidence the latter was anything more than the distribution of the press release) at noon the day before Thanksgiving. The hope is presumably that news coverage will be limited to a passing mention on the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Wedne...

Re-examining Safe Spaces

Avital Isaacs

December 4, 2009

To the Editors: William Elman’s letter to the editors in the last Review [“Safe Spaces Impede Interaction,” Nov. 20] seems to tread over familiar rhetorical territory, rather than address new “trends” in Oberlin’s culture. It may seem to him, and others, that Oberlin’s safe spaces exist as a politically correct inconvenience, an impediment in daily activities and to the pursuit of cultural knowledge. It may seem as though safe spaces promote “self-segregation,” which is antithetical to his understanding of Oberlin as a progressive community. My understanding of safe spaces is that they exist to address and provide a counterbalance to the daily discomfort and lack of access (not to mention increase...

Get the College Off Coal Power

Phoebe Flaherty

December 4, 2009

To the Editors: In addition to being known as a progressive, socially liberal school, Oberlin College finds itself with a green reputation; the integration of the co-op system, sustainable buildings such as the AJLC and residences such as SEED House demonstrate ways in which the College and students have made significant efforts to increase our sustainability and lower our carbon footprint. However, our so-called green school has a big, dirty secret: a significant portion of our energy comes from burning coal. Oberlin College is responsible for the release of approximately 52,000 tons of CO2 per year — the equivalent of 17.77 tons of CO2 per student per year. Seventy-six percent of total emissions come from purchased...

Oberlin Assists Town’s College Applicants

Bo Arbogast

December 4, 2009

To the Editors: It’s that time of year again — not the holidays, the college application season! For the past several years, the College community has been reaching out to students at Oberlin High School to help young people prepare their college essays. The college essay is only one part of a stu- dent’s application, but it is an area where a person can write about something meaningful and try to stand out from the crowd. The essay also presents a ripe opportunity for “freaking out,” as a senior at the high school told me recently. As many of us recall, it’s hard to come up with a good, original topic that makes you sound humble yet flawless. To help in this process, Jill Medina from Oberlin College Admissions...

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