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Yeomen Break 15-Year Conference Losing Streak

Jake Zuckerman
April 26, 2013
Filed under Lacrosse, SPORTS, Varsity Spring

The men’s lacrosse team pulled off an historic upset in their final regular season game against the third seeded College of Wooster in a 7–4 win on Saturday. It was the Yeomen's first win over an original conference team since 1995. “It was the best win of the season,” said sophomore Goalie...

Potential Class Trustees Emerge as Senior Class Council Solidifies

Duncan Standish, Staff Writer
April 26, 2013
Filed under Campus News, NEWS

This year’s class trustee election has entered its final phase, just as the senior class council elections have ended. College seniors Joe Condon and Abbas Mohsin are the remaining candidates for the class trustee position. College junior Trey Everett Levy will be next year’s senior class president,...

Yeowomen Ready to Hit Hard in Tournament Weekend

Ray Williams
April 26, 2013
Filed under SPORTS, Tennis, Varsity Spring

The women’s tennis team improved its overall record to 16–6 after defeating Allegheny College 7–2 on Saturday. The team is now up 2–1 in the conference and looks forward to the North Coast Athletic Conference Championships that begin today at Oberlin. Currently the Yeowomen are 7–3 at home...

Off the Cuff with Amy Parish, Darwinian Feminist

Elizabeth Dobbins, Staff Writer
April 26, 2013
Filed under NEWS, Off the Cuff

What is Darwinian feminism? Traditionally there’s been some antagonism between academics who call themselves feminists and those working on an evolutionary perspective as it applies to human behavior, because there’s an assumption that if something is natural that you’re saying … that somehow...

2013 Alumni Class Officers

Kira McGirr
April 26, 2013
Filed under Letters to the Editors, OPINIONS

To the Editors: Results have been tabulated from the election for the class of 2013 alumni class officers.  Dana Paikowsky has been elected president, and Eloise Reid has been elected vice president. For your information, the alumni class president is a member of the Alumni Council and return...

The Irony of the Human Rights Campaign’s Logo

Simone Christen
April 26, 2013
Filed under Commentary, OPINIONS

Have you ever seen a bumper sticker that’s a yellow equals sign on a blue background? In 1980 an organization named the Human Rights Campaign Fund was founded. It started off small like most start up grassroots organizations. Eventually it snowballed into, according to their own website, “the largest...

Oberlin Golf Struggles at Nye Intercollegiate Tournament

Shuntaro Shirota
April 26, 2013
Filed under Club & Intramural Sports, SPORTS

The golf team returned from a tournament last weekend at the Wooster Country Club, where four golfers competed against elite players in and out of the North Coast Athletic Conference. The Nye Intercollegiate hosted some of the best golfers in the nation, including a Wittenburg University squad that...

Spring Back Brings Talent and Wit

Sophia Bamert, Managing Editor
April 26, 2013
Filed under ARTS, Dance

This semester, Spring Back discovered its sense of humor, and that’s not to say that the dancing was taken any less seriously than usual. Under the direction of Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Holly Handman-Lopez, the showcase of student choreography, which ran in the main space of Warner Center...

In the Locker Room with Sean Cohen and Ben Whitener

Phoebe Hammer, Sports Editor
April 26, 2013
Filed under Baseball, In the Locker Room, SPORTS, Varsity Spring

How do you think the season is going so far? Ben Whitener: We finished 9–7 in conference, which is the best we’ve ever done. We also played a pretty tough out-of-league schedule, which is a huge improvement. Sean Cohen: We won a lot of games against a lot of tough teams. It seems like [in] a...

Kiss My Sass: The Immigration Bill

Sophia Ottoni-Wilhelm
April 26, 2013
Filed under Commentary, OPINIONS

An eight-senator bipartisan Dream Team proposed a bill earlier this month that would, if passed, completely overhaul the United State’s current immigration policy. If I could describe the legislation in one word, that word would be badass. “When you look at the representatives of business, labor,...

“They Used To Call Me A Fag” Renders Haunting Portrait of Masculinity

Abby Hawkins, Arts Editor
April 26, 2013
Filed under ARTS, Visual Art

It was difficult to navigate the swarm of bodies crammed excitedly into the basement of Hales Gymnasium on Wednesday night, all drawn to this dusty corner of campus for the well-known allure of Sarp Yavuz’s Senior Studio show, “They Used To Call Me A Fag”: the sex, the spectacle, the uncertainty...

SLAC Calls Forum on Student Rights, Debt and Labor

Zach Crowell
April 26, 2013
Filed under Letters to the Editors, OPINIONS

To the Editors: There is a generational crisis waiting to happen in the United States of America. Compared to the rest of the developed world, the United States has one of the highest rate of child poverty, one of the lowest levels of economic mobility and the highest private costs of education and...

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