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No Need to Agree With Me — The Need To Be Unbelievaball

Lisa Mon'a Brown, Columnist

March 18, 2011

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Are you graduating from Oberlin College in fewer than 75 days? Have you already completed a name pronunciation form? What about a graduation application? Do you know where the funds from this year’s senior class gift are being allocated? Have you familiarized yourself with the ever-so-important Commencement section of the Blackboard website? Well, if you answered yes to the first question, then you should have been able to answer affirmatively to all of the succeeding questions as well. Unfortunately, at this stage in the semester, many seniors do not even know the name of our senior class dean, let alone the content of the Commencement section on Blackboard. It’d be impossible to sketch every minute detail of what...

Letter to the Editor: Review Letter on Fenty Presents Faulty Premise

Paul Dawson

March 11, 2011

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To the Editors: In a recent letter to the editor, (“Fenty Illegitimately Fired College Alumnus,” The Oberlin Review, March 4, 2011), Erich Martel, a Washington, D.C. Social Studies teacher, used a half-truth to leap, inductively and incorrectly, to a faulty premise. Upon this premise, Martel launched an ad hominem and slanderous attack upon a distinguished public servant, Adrian Fenty, OC ’92, the former Mayor of the District of Columbia. Martel simultaneously avoided the real issue: Namely, did the Fenty Administration help the public school children of the District or not? The half-truth: Mr. Martel left out one-half of the description of the course Mr. Fenty and I will co-teach in the fall semester: POLT...

Fenty Illegitamately Transferred College Alumni From Job

Erich Martel

March 4, 2011

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To the Editors: Making former Washington, D.C., mayor Adrian Fenty, OC ’92, a “distinguished visiting professor of politics” at Oberlin College to “co-teach an introductory politics course … that will draw on an original case study [he] is writing about his mayoral administration, with a focus on the politics of educational reform” (1/20/11 press release) appears to sacrifice academic objectivity for the glow of a celebrity politician and his celebrity appointee, ex-Chancellor Michelle Rhee. Why is a self-promotional account of his role in a confrontational version of school reform, in which he remains active, accorded the appearance of objectivity as a “case study”? Why are D.C. public schools’s...

On the Record: Carolina Chocolate Drops

Ian Seeley, Managing Editor

February 25, 2011

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What was your most memorable experience at the Grammys, other than winning? [Laughs] I was really sick, so it was all kind of a blur. I mean, it all was memorable. I have to say probably seeing Bobby McFerrin and Esperanza Spalding — who later won the Best New Artist — seeing them do a duet at the beginning of the non-telecast portion. It was amazing. The Carolina Chocolate Drops have a live show with a lot going on, such as dancing and the group giving the historical backgrounds of songs. When you record, do you take any special approaches in addressing the recording studio’s limitations? It’s hard to capture a live feel in the studio. We know what we’re doing this next time, we are recording...

Waiting for “Superman” Draws Crowd, Criticism From Ohio Educators

Waiting for “Superman” Draws Crowd, Criticism From Ohio Educators

February 18, 2011

Over 200 students discussed America’s educational system with President Marvin Krislov and a panel of top Ohio and Oberlin educators after a film screening of Waiting for “Superman” Wednesday night. The screening, which kicked off the Oberlin Young Educators’ Pedagogy Symposium, showcased Waiting for “Superman,” a documentary by An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim. After welcoming a crowd of more than 200 at West Lecture Hall, OYE, who organized the event, emphasized...

The College Confirms: Former DC Mayor Fenty Will Teach Next Fall

Caroline Hui, Monica Klein, and John Light

February 11, 2011

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A version of this article that ran on February 11th stated that Fenty will co-teach a Politics class this spring semester. That was incorrect. Fenty will co-teach POLT 105 next fall and will make an as-yet-unscheduled appearance in Professor Paul Dawson's POLT 209 class this spring Former mayor of Washington, D.C. Adrian Fenty, OC ‘92, will join the College staff as a visiting professor and a career advisor in the African American Studies Department, the College’s Office of Communications announced on Jan. 19. Fenty sought a second term as mayor, but lost in the primaries in September to former Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray. “There are a lot of people in America – who many of us would think are very...

Oberlin: A Spa for the Soul

Raquel Olivo

February 11, 2011

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To the Editors: I attended my first Alumni Council Executive Board meeting in November, and was struck by a comment made by my colleague Cindy Brown, who chairs the Nominations Committee. Cindy described returning to Oberlin as a “spa for the soul” and I couldn’t agree more. For the past year and half I’ve returned to Oberlin on different occasions. First, I attended Alumni Council Weekend in September 2009, as a member of the Oberlin Latino/a Alumni Association. Next, I returned to celebrate my 10th reunion, during Commencement/Reunion Weekend in May 2010. Then, I attended another Alumni Council Weekend in September 2010. In the meantime, I was selected as an OLAA liaison to the Executive Board of the Alumni...

“O Brave New World”: Taymor’s Tempest Dreamlike, Occasionally Terrifying

“O Brave New World”: Taymor’s Tempest Dreamlike, Occasionally Terrifying

February 11, 2011

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest is nothing if not surreal. Julie Taymor OC ’74 takes that to heart in her new film adaptation of the classic play. The movie is extraordinarily dreamlike, with countless special effects that vary from obvious green screen to frighteningly realistic animation. Today’s films habitually focus on hyper-realistic effects using the latest technology, making the transparent, almost two-dimensional appearance of the mischievous sprite Ariel (played by Ben Whishaw)...

Celebrating Latino/a Heritage Month

Lorri Olan

December 11, 2009

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To the Editors: Oberlin is a wonderful place to come of age. It attracts students and faculty with broad interests, strengths and gifts. Students grapple with issues of identity and purpose, explore life’s possibilities and their natural gifts, and learn to make their way in the world. As graduates, alumni commit themselves to advancing social justice, developing technology for science and health, serving the public, conscientiously managing businesses, reducing their carbon footprint, advancing educational opportunities for all, improving their communities and, in countless other ways, leaving their mark on the world, one step at a time. I have reached that certain age where you wonder if you have become who...

Obies at War: Alumni, Family Find Reasons for Enlistment

Piper Niehaus, Editor-In-Chief

December 11, 2009

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Though many people join the armed forces following the example of an older family member, Bill Krissoff, OC ’68, did the opposite. Krissoff’s sons both became commissioned officers in the Marine Corps and, after years of being an orthopedic surgeon in private practice, he followed in their footsteps. “In most cases, sons are inspired by their father. In my case, I have been inspired by both sons’ dedication and commitment to service in the Marine Corps,” Krissoff explained. Krissoff’s older son Nathan was killed by a roadside bomb on Dec. 9, 2006 while on patrol with Marines in Al Anbar Province near Fallujah, Iraq. His younger son, Austin, continues to serve. Krissoff hoped that, in the Marines,...

Moffitt Woos Feve Crowd

Will Roane, Staff Writer

December 11, 2009

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The stars in the Oberlin sky shone brightly onto a chilly South Main Street on Sunday as jazz vocalist Nina Moffitt, OC ’09, set up her amplifier to play a special show with Feveband at The Feve. After sorting through some feedback from her microphone, she and Feveband played two diverse and radiant sets, filled with classic jazz standards made all the more vital by distinctive arrangements by Moffitt and College senior and Feveband leader Rafiq Bhatia, as well as some staggering Feveband originals. The night began quietly, with Feveband’s interpretation of “Equinox” by John Coltrane seeming to summon people from their textbooks and papers. The slightly empty bar suddenly filled and bustled by the time...

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