The Oberlin Review

2017 Candidates and Issues: Linda Slocum

David Snyder, Linda Gates, Carol Longsworth, and Robert Longsworth

October 27, 2017

Filed under Letters to the Editors, OPINIONS

To the Editors: When you vote in Oberlin in the upcoming election, please cast one of your votes for Linda Slocum for City Council. Here’s why. During her first term on council, Linda has demonstrated her ability to build solutions across differences of opinion. She listens well to her council colleagues and to people from each slice of the Oberlin population. She actively seeks out ideas that build on Oberlin’s many strengths, while also challenging our ready assumptions. In her second term on council, Linda plans to improve our aging housing stock by making homes comfortable, efficient, and affordable. She will attract new business and industry, while increasing job and housing opportunities. She anticipates wo...

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