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Conservatory Council Promotes Student Wellness

Conservatory Council Promotes Student Wellness

September 19, 2014

The recently-revived Conservatory Council of Students will launch a number of initiatives this year, joining forces with the administration in an attempt to foster a more welcoming environment within the Conservatory. The Council, which was dormant for nearly a decade prior to its reinstatement in May, will focus on three different initiative programs that fall under the categories: health & wellness, community outreach and professional development. In collaboration with the Multicultural...

The Invincibility Fallacy: Balancing Musical Ability with Physical Agility

Nora Kipnis, Arts Editor

March 14, 2014

One Wednesday during senior double-degree student Eliza­beth Castro-Abrams’s second semester at Oberlin, she suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her wrist. She complained of the pain to her violin teachers, who told her to ice and stretch, but it didn’t stop. Student Health Services wasn’t much help either. Despite nu­merous visits to various doctors, all of whom had different ideas about the injury’s origin, the pain eventually forced Castro-Abrams to drop all of her musical engagements for the rest of the semester. Prior to her injury, she’d been practicing violin up to eight hours a day — not unusual for a Conservatory student, she said — but the injury was completely unexpected. “You think you’re...

Profile: John Cavanaugh on the Art of Piano Tech

Profile: John Cavanaugh on the Art of Piano Tech

March 7, 2014

The classic recording of “Christmas Time Is Here” from A Charlie Brown Christmas drives John Cavanaugh crazy. However, it’s an occupational hazard to which he’s accustomed. The Director of Piano Technology at the Conservatory, Cavanaugh has developed a highly trained ear over a lifetime of focused listening, so the off-key piano melody strikes him as particularly annoying. “The piano is so out of tune,” he says, though he concedes that the imperfection does lend something to the rendition....

Conservatory Students Display Talent, Creativity in Annual Honors Recital

Conservatory Students Display Talent, Creativity in Annual Honors Recital

February 21, 2014

It’s not easy to nab a spot in the Conservatory’s annual Danenberg Honors Recital. First, Conservatory faculty members recommend particular student musicians, and then those students must undergo a rigorous, competitive audition process before the best are selected to perform in the recital. The series is intended to acquaint the student body with the best of student performance, so the bar for performers is necessarily set extremely high. As a consequence of this selectivity, it was a coalition...

Conservatory Opens New Performance Space

Oliver Bok

October 11, 2013

The David H. Stull Recital Hall, a new performance space located on the third floor of Bibbins Hall, continues to spark discussion on the how the allocation [more like the allocators] of Oberlin’s budget has a reputation for disregarding student needs. The performance space, which opened its doors to students and faculty on Oct. 1, will function as an additional site for performances and educational opportunities within the Conservatory. “We combined two classrooms to turn it into a hall that’s very different from any other hall we’ve got,” said Andrea Kalyn, the acting dean of the Conservatory. “It’s not as big as Kulas [Hall] … this is a really flexible space. We can do classes in there, performances,...

Fulkerson Captivates Audience with Delius’ Violin Concerto

Gabriel Kanengiser

September 27, 2013

From the very first moments of the Oberlin Orchestra’s first concert of the new school year until its final close, clarity emanated from the orchestra and the audience was treated to a delightful and enthusiastic performance. Raphael Jiménez, the conductor, presented a program last Saturday night at Finney Chapel which consisted of Frederick Delius’ Violin Concerto (1916), featuring the world-renown violinist and Oberlin professor, Gregory Fulkerson, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F Minor. Fulkerson captivated the room with Delius’ Violin Concerto, in fact at points, the eminent violinist commanded so much attention that the orchestra and Jimenez appeared to be nothing more than the backdrop...

Trio Globo, Students Unite for Memorable Performance

Matthew Sprung

September 27, 2013

It’s not every day that Conservatory students get to perform with Grammy award-winners. However, last Saturday was one of those special days. The Performance and Improvisation Ensemble class played alongside the internationally acclaimed jazz band Trio Globo for the first half of their show at the Cat in the Cream. Commonly known as PI Ensembles, the student musicians were prepared for this performance by their coaches, Professor of Advanced Improvisation and Percussion Jamey Haddad and Associate Professor of Jazz Arranging Jay Ashby. Distinctions between students and international artists broke down into a ever-shifting synthesis of a variety of genres. In one song, Grammy-winning cellist Eugene Friesen smiled and...

Alumni Compositions Featured in First Sinfonietta Concert

Gabriel Kanengiser

September 27, 2013

The Oberlin Sinfonietta, conduct- ed by Timothy Weiss, gave its first performance of the year on Tuesday, Sept. 24, presenting a contemporary program with works by Stephen Hartke, Steven Stucky, Pierre Jalbert, OC ’89, and Richard Danielpour, OC ’78. The concert program painted a comforting dreamscape. Each work on the program was distinguished by its unique sonic qualities, yet together they inhabited a world that could only be accessed through these specific works. The first piece of the evening, Gradus, was composed in 1999 and was as comforting as it was ominous. The arrangement for bass clarinet, violin, cello, bass, vibraphone and piano created a rich and dense sound. While the thickness  of the deep tones...

Conservatory’s Sky Bar Gets Facelift with New Menu

Ben Reid

September 13, 2013

Over the summer, the Lily McGregor Sky Bar — part of the newly constructed Bertram and Judith Kohl Building — experienced some welcome changes that, according to the new Assistant Dean of Technology and Facilities Michael Straus, are causing a “considerable amount of excitement” in the Conservatory. Since it opened its doors in 2010, the Sky Bar has been a work in progress. “It hasn’t been fully realized,” Straus said. “But I think this is the first step along the way of making it a favorable destination for students ... [and] a quick stop for faculty members.” According to Straus, the administration hopes to attract all Oberlin students, regardless of a College or Conservatory affiliation,...

Orientation Recital Introduces Class of 2017 to Oberlin’s Musical Tradition

Nicole Gutman

September 6, 2013

On the first day of orientation on Aug. 27, the Conservatory presented a recital to introduce first-years and their parents to Oberlin’s musical tradition. Before the concert started, Acting Dean of the Conservatory Andrea Kalyn introduced the recital’s performers, and she explained how the student performers are enrolled in the same institution as the new Conservatory students in the audience. All the performers were rising juniors and seniors, meaning that just a few years ago, they too were sweating in Finney Chapel listening to this same concert. The first piece was Variétude Op. 28 by Einojuhani Rautavaara, a violin solo played by Conservatory junior Yuri Popowycz. It was an energetic piece with mostly angry ...

Live Stream Webcasts Expand Audience for Conservatory Performances

Anne Buckwalter

September 6, 2013

Never fear if your greatest study abroad opportunity falls during the same semester as a recital you’d love to see, or if your family cannot travel to see you in an important performance. It is now possible to watch many Oberlin performances from anywhere with an internet connection. Last year, five of the main performance spaces on campus were outfitted with webcast capabilities. Many concerts in Finney Chapel, Kulas Recital Hall, Warner Concert Hall, Clonick Hall and Fairchild Chapel can now be viewed online. According to Paul Eachus and Ryan Miller, director and assistant directors of Conservatory audio services, cameras other video equipment has been added over the past five years in order to facilitate streaming....

Oberlin Should Continue Undivided

Booker Peek

April 5, 2013

The ceremony in Finney Chapel just a month ago was about as stirring as could be. The program was perhaps occasioned by more than a month-long series of racist, homophobic, anti- Semitic, cowardly acts, etc., that became even more inflamed by the reported sighting of someone well after midnight in KKK regalia. That any of this may have happened at any college in America in the 21st century with our first black president would be unfortunate; that some or all of these incidents occurred at Oberlin College is certainly ironic, all the more because of how liberal and welcoming the city is, with its countless special and loving citizens. There are at least twenty or more colleges — Harvard, Yale and Stanford, for example...

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