The Oberlin Review

Australian Synth Swampdwellers, Cut Copy, Clear Dance Floor with Messy Zonoscope

Jamie Helmsworth

February 25, 2011

For those unfamiliar with Australian cultural trends, let me bring you up to speed: They like to party. Remember the viral video of the kid with “famous sunglasses” who threw a house party that turned into a riot while his parents were gone? He’s Australian. Do you know where discovered the electro-for-dummies sound the Black Eyed Peas have stuck to since TheE.N.D.? Yes, the famed land of kangaroos and wallabies. Yet oddly enough, the continent’s love of partying has not directly translated into pop-music greatness. Sure, they’ve presented us with the gifts of AC/DC and Nick Cave, but INXS, Jet and Wolfmother were also spawned in Sydney’s cesspools. Fortunately, Cut Copy falls into the former c...

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