The Oberlin Review

Dâm-Funk to ‘Invite the Light’ at ‘Sco

Paul Mehnert

May 6, 2016

“If we invite the light, it will surely come to us / If we invite the funk, it will never let us down.” These words comprise the interlude to DâmFunk’s “Junie’s Re-Transmission,” a track off of his latest LP Invite the Light. Spoken by ’70s funk star Walter “Junie” Morrison, the lyrics are fuzzy yet confident and almost spiritual, like a divine message. Though only 18 seconds of the massive 90-minute record, this brief clip is a sort of encapsulation of Dâm-Funk and the music he makes. It’s abstract and maybe even a little hard to understand, but there’s something endearing in the message. Dâm-Funk, who will perform at the ’Sco tonight at 10 p.m., is one of the most prominent outsider artists ...

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