The Oberlin Review

Franz, Osborn Direct Riveting, Dynamic Production of Ives’ “Venus in Fur”

Liz Cooper

March 9, 2018

College sophomore Meg Franz made a landmark directorial debut alongside senior Will Osborn Friday night with a lean, sharp, riveting production of Venus in Fur. The script, by contemporary playwright David Ives, features Thomas Novachek (Osborn), a working playwright trying to direct his own adaptation of Venus in Furs, the infamous 1870 sadomasochistic novel by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. As Novacheck begins staging his own piece, he enters into a strange and increasingly unsettling dynamic with Vanda Jordan (College sophomore Samantha Brooks), an actress on the opposite side of Novachek’s casting table. At first, Jordan appears to be the crystallization of Novachek’s impression of a modern actres...

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