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College junior Rachel Clark, a spring 2019 ExCo instructor, teaches a class called Drugs, Harm Reduction, and Counterculture.

Private Grades, Transcripts Accessible to ExCo Instructors

April 26, 2019

Some students were upset to hear that — through a technological error — anyone who teaches or has previously taught an ExCo was able to access the private transcript of every current Oberlin student. These transcripts include all of the grades students have received during their time at Oberlin, every class taken, and in some cases even past AP test scores. This exclusive access has left some with questions about privacy. “I feel like it’s fair to call it a breach in security,” Colleg...

Privacy in Digital Age Under Attack

Leah Treidler, Contributing Writer

December 1, 2017

We are living in a dystopian sci-fi novel. Or at the very least, we might be headed that way. The government is tracking our every move and, even worse, pretending that we consent to it. In 2010, Timothy “Little Tim” Carpenter and three other men robbed a Radio Shack, stealing hundreds of cell phones. Little did they know that they would spark the most critical court case on digital privacy to date. After eight more robberies, Little Tim was arrested. Eyewitnesses identified him as the leader, testifying that he had planned the robberies and served as a lookout, waiting across the street in a stolen car for his accomplices to return with the cell phones. Ironically, it was his own cell phone that sealed his fate. ...

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