The Oberlin Review

The Program Board screened Black Panther for students in Bailey Field.

Building Community on a Socially Distant Campus with Student Activities

October 9, 2020

The Student Union, Program Board, the ՚Sco, and other student organizations have taken on the monumental challenge of fostering community in a time of separation. By collaborating in new ways, students involved with these organizations have come up with innovative ideas. As a member of the Program Board, I’ve experienced firsthand the time and effort being put into building community on campus. The guidelines governing student safety must be at the forefront of our minds when planning activities,...

New Food Columnists Rate Dining Hall Desserts

Ella Halbert and Jordan Rempel-White

October 4, 2019

One evening at Stevenson Dining Hall, we entered the bustling buffet area with our newly-found friends. The desserts had been topped up seconds before, after a wave of sugar-starved students had eaten everything in sight, and we knew we had to taste everything. But, as young adults refining our taste palettes, we decided it would be unreasonable to stomach an entire dessert bar alone.  So instead, we decided to split the dessert bar. The result was glorious: four diverse delights piled high onto one modest plate. Overall, the selections exceeded our expectations, considering we were eating in a college dining hall.  The first sample, custard pie, was arguably the worst of the bunch based solely on texture. Whi...

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