The Oberlin Review

During Reading Period, Students Should Examine, Treat Dangerous Sleep Habits

Nina Li, Contributing Writer

December 11, 2015

As a student, exams are one of the most important things in my academic career. However, school and tests don’t always go as well as I expect, especially because I suffer from insomnia. At first I didn’t think my sleeping habits were a problem, because they did not affect me much. I’ve had insomnia since high school, and my mom also suffered from insomnia, so I thought it was normal if a person just couldn’t sleep well — which is why I had never tried to find a solution. During my first year at Oberlin, I had a biology final exam and stayed up late preparing and reviewing the materials. I went to bed at almost 2 a.m. Because I was exhausted, I thought it would be very easy to fall asleep, but I was totally ...

Making Space for a Longer Fall Reading Period

Sam Jewler, Ian Seeley, and Lila Leatherman

December 11, 2009

From smoking cigarettes to running through the library naked, Oberlin students always find a way to cope with the stress of their impending finals. Reading period is never easy, but it might get a little less stressful in the next few years. It appears that the work of some former student senators could potentially result in adding one day to reading period as soon as 2011. Last spring, then-Student Senators Leah Pine and Ben Klebanoff, both OC ’09, and College junior Luke Squire sensed a growing student consensus that the fall reading period was too short. These senators believed that a three-day reading period, especially a reading period where two of the days are over the weekend and already free from classes...

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