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Panelists discuss diversity in predominantly white, male spaces in the music industry at an event hosted by campusbased
group Femme Artists Breaking Boundaries Thursday afternoon.

Femme Musicians of Color Confront White Male Industry Dominance

February 24, 2017

When people think of electronic music, their minds often go reflexively to a handful of middle-of-the-road, white male DJs and producers such as Diplo, Calvin Harris or David Guetta. One group on Oberlin’s campus, Femme Artists Breaking Boundaries, founded last year by College juniors Rayna Holmes and Hannah Halpern, is looking to subvert the norms of electronic music culture by showcasing women, people of color and queer people who are doing innovative work in the field. According to the gro...

Feature Photo: Noname Gypsy

Feature Photo: Noname Gypsy

November 20, 2015

Hip-hop artist Fatimah Warner, known by her stage name Noname Gypsy, performs at the ’Sco among supportive fans. The Femme Artists Breaking Boundaries Initiative, which brought Noname Gypsy to Oberlin on Friday, hosted a question and answer session during which she talked about the importance of femme artists in hip-hop, how labels can divide the rap community and the politics of music ownership. She performed later that night with femme rapper Sasha Go Hard, a prominent artist in Chicago...

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