The Oberlin Review

Global Redistribution of Wealth Could End Poverty

Russell Jaffe, Columnist

March 10, 2017

The futurists once had a dream: Through technological advancement, all of humanity’s needs would someday be provided for automatically, leaving us free to pursue our passions and aspirations. In the 1930s, for example, economist John Keynes predicted that his grandchildren — now the people of today’s workforce — would need to work a mere 15 hours a week, and their descendents would work even less. Someday, according to this dream, everyone would have a home, enough food to eat and the resources to cultivate ourselves into the very best people we could be, unhindered by a rat race for basic necessities. And then, miraculously, technology surpassed these expectations. In the United States alone, empty homes...

Local News Bulletin

March 4, 2016

Annual Campaign to Fight Hunger Kicks Off On Feb. 29, the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio launched its annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign. The food bank’s goal is to raise enough money and collect enough food to fund one million meals across Lorain, Erie, Crawford and Huron counties by April 9. The first event was held in Lorain and was set up by Tony Gallo, honorary chairman of the food bank and president of the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce. Contributions from local organizations and food drives run by schools, businesses and individual families are the main source of food for the bank. There are over 100 parties involved in the push for one million meals. Trump Campaign Goes Local ...

OPIRG Organizes Hunger Cleanup in Oberlin

Elizabeth Kuhr, Staff Writer

April 5, 2013

As a part of a larger U.S. Public Interest Research Group movement, the OhioPIRG Homelessness and Hunger Campaign at Oberlin College has mobilized a local Hunger Clean-up. The six students are currently working to provide healthier and larger quantities of food at local pantries. One of the co-organizers, College first-year Alex Berger joined the campaign after noticing the overwhelming homeless population in Denver, Colorado, during this past winter term. “I was walking around downtown and noticed all the homeless people,” said Berger, “I realized I needed to do something about it.” She turned to the Oberlin Hunger and Homelessness Campaign, whose self-proclaimed mission is “to help reduce hunger...

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