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Ainu musician Oki Kano performs on tonkori to a packed Fairchild Chapel. Kano, along with ethnomusicologist Nate Renner, came to
Oberlin this week for performances and lectures about indigenous music.

Performance Highlights Identity, History of Indigenous Musicians

October 27, 2017

Oki Kano, professionally known as OKI, began singing before the applause died down from the packed audience in Fairchild Chapel. The Ainu performer, along with protegé and friend Nate Renner, came to Oberlin as part of The Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment grant that the College recently received. The two musicians participated in an informal chat at Cowhaus Creamery on Monday, performed their music in Fairchild on Tuesday, and gave a lecture at the Adam Joseph Lewis Center on Wed...

MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

Off the Cuff: Brett Walker, Montana State University History Professor

September 9, 2016

Brett Walker is a Regents Professor of History at Montana State University with expertise in Japanese health and medicine and its environmental history. After graduating from the College of Idaho in 1989, Walker spent several years traveling and studying Japan before earning his doctorate in Japanese History from the University of Oregon. Walker has written books on a number of topics in Japan such as the indigenous Ainu people, the disappearance of Japanese wolves in the last century and the hi...

Shansi Grant Recipient Maps Asia in Sound

Kelsey Scult

April 5, 2013

“My one regret is that I didn’t get to record the toilet flushing,” College sophomore Teresa Tippens shared during her April 3 talk titled “Sonic Photographs of Japan.” A Musical Studies major with a concentration in Sound Design and Technology, Tippens traveled to Kyoto, Japan this past Winter Term upon receiving one of the five In-Asia Study Grants that Oberlin Shansi awards each year. She received the grant to pursue her project of recording “sonic photographs,” compositions of recorded sounds that encapsulate the sonic atmosphere of an environment. During her presentation, Tippens recounted the political and cultural implications of the sounds she encountered on her trip. She believes that Americans...

In Their Own Words: Experiences of Obies in Japan

Liv Combe, News Editor

April 15, 2011

When the magnitude nine earthquake struck Japan on March 11, the ensuing tsunami and disasters brought international attention to the country. As the death toll continued to rise, Dean of Study Away Ellen Sayles had to decide whether or not Oberlin students in Japan would have to cut short their time abroad. With students on three different programs and in three different locations, Sayles worked on contacting the students and their families to ascertain their safety immediately after the tsunami, and then set to work deciding if the students could stay in Japan. The Office of Study Away’s policy on bringing students back from overseas is generally only applicable for countries in which the U.S. Department of...

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