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Chair of the History Department Renee Romano discusses the July 14 protests in Charlottesville, VA, at the panel History Be- hind the News: Charlottesville.

Oberlin Congregates in Mourning Charlottesville

September 1, 2017

Millions of people around the country and world experienced utter shock Aug. 12 as hundreds of white nationalists marching and rallying in Charlottesville, VA, dominated social media and news stations. The protesters carried torches, shouted racist and anti-Semitic remarks, and sparked violence and terror across the University of Virginia’s campus. The events in Charlottesville affected Oberlin community members, students, and faculty alike. A small group partook in a vigil in Tappa...

Left to right: College sophomores Juna Keehn and Leora Swerdlow, College junior Luke Fortney and College senior Beth Minahan cook topless at Old Barrows co-op. The co-op’s kitchen will close this semester and the building will undergo renovations this summer.

Old B Kitchen Closes Doors After 40 Years

May 5, 2017

A passerby can often find students sprawled across Old Barrows co-op’s front lawn with makeshift plates and homemade food on the days Oberlin’s erratic weather permits. But pizza night and special meals will soon be a thing of a past for this co-op’s members with the deteriorating kitchen shutting down for good at the end of this semester. Meetings and negotiations concerning Old Barrows, better known as Old B, began in fall 2015 and lasted throughout spring 2016. The decision to close Old...

City Council is considering a plot of land on the corner of East Lorain Street and Oberlin Road as a potential location for medical marijuana businesses. After Ohio authorized the commercialization of the drug for medical purposes last fall, council is discussing benefits to the local

Council Mulls Bringing Medical Marijuana to Town

April 14, 2017

City Council is considering bringing the medical marijuana industry to Oberlin in hopes of revitalizing the local economy. Councilmembers in favor of a resolution allowing manufacturers and distributors to set up camp in town are hopeful that others will get on board with the proposal. A law passed in Columbus last fall legalized medical marijuana in Ohio, making it available to patients with 23 specific conditions including HIV and AIDS, spinal cord disease and injury, Crohn’s disease and posttraum...

City Council President Ronnie Rimbert speaks at Monday’s City Council meeting.
Council passed a resolution opposing Governor John Kasich’s proposed 2017–
2018 budget, which proposes centralized collection of business income tax returns.

City Resists State’s Income-Tax Collection

April 7, 2017

City officials are staunchly resisting a recent proposal by Ohio Governor John Kasich that would give the state centralized control of each city’s business income tax. Local officials fear the program is a stepping-stone to state regulation of local matters, leading Oberlin City Council to pass a resolution in opposition to the proposed program at Monday's meeting. The city receives $7.5 million in income taxes each year, but only about $250,000 comes from business income tax. The tax money goes ...

Local Petitions Challenge REC Choice Fund Options

Jenna Gyimesi

March 31, 2017

Local community members are pushing to overturn a recent initiative that would give city residents the option of donating revenue from renewable energy back to the city. A committee of city residents created two petitions that, if passed, would put the city’s Community Choice Fund back on next year’s ballot. The fund allows residents to donate their share of the city’s Renewable Energy Credits back to the City to invest in further sustainable energy projects. Last year, City Council decided that Oberlin would return 85 percent of the proceeds from the sale of RECs to city residents and give 15 percent of the proceeds to sustainability projects, which comes out to around $100 per year for each resident. Renewable...

The Oberlin Project helped the Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System initiate a three-year
Efficiency Smart Power Plant program to support investments in sustainable electric
energy. Establishing energy efficiency in Oberlin was a goal of the Oberlin Project, which
will close its office this summer.

Oberlin Project Ends Eight-Year Run

March 10, 2017

For eight years, the Oberlin Project has innovated green programs while endeavoring to stimulate economic activity in a collaborative effort between the College and city. In light of completing its many goals, the program will close its office this summer. The Oberlin Project was initiated, in part, through the efforts of Environmental Studies and Politics Professor and Special Assistant to the President of the College David Orr. The project had a specific set of goals upon its establishment, i...

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