The Oberlin Review

The seven seniors on the field hockey team.

Field Hockey Maximizes Holistic College Experience

September 7, 2018

Field Hockey Head Coach Tiffany Saunders had no idea she wouldn’t be returning to Radford University at the conclusion of her fifth season as the lead assistant coach of the Highlanders. The news came in February 2014 that the school would be cutting its field hockey program, leaving Saunders shocked and uncertain about where she would end up next. Saunders had spent four years as a starter for the Highlanders before beginning her coaching career, and Radford, VA, was home. When Sau...

Anthem Supports False Narrative of Freedom

Kennedy Kline and Ua Hayes

September 29, 2017

When our field hockey team stood for the national anthem Saturday, it didn’t feel right. We didn’t feel proud to be standing for America because we didn’t feel that America offers anything worth being proud of. We’d felt this before: feelings of discomfort, confusion, and anger over being pressured to stand tall and strong in a display of unrelenting patriotism. At a certain point, we just couldn’t ignore the feeling anymore. In August and September 2016, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, received an enormous amount of media attention after kneeling during the anthem before one of the 49ers’ football games. Immediately after, people demanded to know: Why did he kneel? Sinc...

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