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A socially-distanced parade lined up on Aug. 15 to say goodbye to all workers who were laid off due to outsourcing of custodial and dining services.

College and UAW Reach Severance Agreement, UAW Drops Labor Charge

September 4, 2020

After negotiating the post-employment terms for outsourcing 108 dining and custodial employees, the College and the United Auto Workers union have settled on a transition agreement that includes three months severance pay and one year of health insurance. Additionally, the UAW has dropped the charge it brought to the National Labor Relations Board on July 3, which accused the College of negotiating in bad faith.  The effects bargaining process officially ended Aug. 3. In addition to the health ...

OCOPE Resolution in Support of UAW

Julie Weir, President, OCOPE Reference & Academic Commons Assistant

March 13, 2020

We, the members of Oberlin College Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 502, stand in solidarity with our United Automobile Workers union brothers and sisters, and we wholeheartedly support them in their fight to preserve their jobs and the dignity of labor at Oberlin College. We strongly condemn the administration’s plan to lay off unionized custodial and food service workers and to replace them with outsourced labor, and we oppose any union-busting techniques. Furthermore, we are convinced that Oberlin’s future is best secured when the College treats all of its workers like the valuable members of the campus community they are — rather than as expendable units of labor.  ...

Trump’s Proposed Wall Ineffective, Unnecessary

Josh Ashkinaze, Columnist

September 4, 2015

The idea of America needing a big wall to keep out Mexicans is the political equivalent of aluminum: unattractive but recyclable. It’s not surprising then that Donald Trump wants to build a “great, great” wall to stem the flow of illegal immigration. His platform might be fuzzy, but as the first position paper on his website clearly lays out, “There must be a wall across the southern border.” But really, a big wall to keep Mexicans out is both ineffective and unnecessary. Big walls don’t work. Sociologists have found that increased U.S. border security increases the number of undocumented immigrants. Getting over the border once is expensive, so doing it twice is unlikely. And that leads to the wor...

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