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Comic: Pocket Hamlet

Comic: Pocket Hamlet

March 1, 2019

Several trees drape the house at 70 North Pleasant Street Saturday. The microburst knocked down several power lines and left over 3,000 Oberlin residents without power.

Microburst Winds Knock Out Power Lines, Trees

September 16, 2016

More than 3,000 Oberlin residents lost power Saturday afternoon as a result of a microburst — a particularly severe storm characterized by winds up to 100 mph. Microbursts are similar to tornados, but differ in the winds and rain that push downward, collapsing trees rather than uprooting them up like a tornado would. Following the storm, the city dis- patched the Oberlin Fire Department and workers for Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System to clear the roads of fallen trees and repair the...

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