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Henson Delivers Memorable Performance in Hidden Figures

Christian Bolles, Columnist
February 17, 2017
Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

An oft-ignored ingredient of successful filmmaking is the importance of managing expectations. It’s the coating on the cinematic pill, and it distinguishes movies that appeal to a wide audience over those that find a smaller niche. There are many successful films that subvert their premises, yet divide vi...

Gags Hit and Miss in 2000 SNL Comedy The Ladies Man

Nate Levinson, Columnist
April 3, 2015
Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

After a six-week hiatus, this column returns to assess the artistic integrity — or lack thereof — of the 2000 comedy The Ladies Man. The film earned positive marks from just 11 percent of the 72 critics who reviewed it, and the consensus from critics seemed to be that the movie was overly vulgar, ...

Established 1874.