The Oberlin Review

Repairs of Campus Crucial for Enrollment, Retention

El Wilson, Opinions Editor

February 16, 2018

Among Oberlin’s new efforts to increase enrollment and retention rates are some much-needed renovations of Oberlin’s buildings. A key example of this is Wilder Hall lobby. The administration decided to begin these renovations after Student Senate conducted a survey that revealed that Oberlin students want far more accessible and communal spaces on campus. Oberlin is in desperate need of more communal spaces and major building renovations. However, the administration’s priorities are out of order. I am on the management team of SWAP: The Book Co-Op, which is located in the basement of Harkness House. SWAP is an amazing place where students can exchange textbooks without exchanging money. The co-op’s main goal ...

New Oberlin Book Co-op Achieves Success

September 6, 2013

The Oberlin Book Co-op, which launched its first trade program near the end of last semester, continues to catch the eyes of students who are tired of paying extortionate textbook fees. Tucked away in room 109 of Harkness Co-op and open weekdays between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m., SWAP, the newest addition to the Oberlin co-operative system, is packed with textbooks, a few light novels and plenty of students. A product of the “Cooperation and Cooperatives” ExCo last spring, the concept was initially developed by several students who sought to apply co-operative principles to pressing issues around campus. Recognizing the expensive price of textbooks, the group applied its efforts towards the creation of a cooperative...

After 14 Years, Oberlin Gets Another Book Co-op

Duncan Standish, Staff Writer

May 3, 2013

A new book-focused cooperative, the first of its kind since the Co-op Book Store closed in 1999, is set to launch this week. Its first event — Beerz4Books, where students can trade textbooks for beer — is scheduled for May 10, time and place yet to be announced. Student Work And Power will begin as a textbook exchange for Oberlin students, but its organizers hope it can grow to provide all types of literary resources and events for the wider Oberlin community. The group will sublet a currently unused room in the basement of Harkness from the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association and convert it into a place to enjoy and exchange books. Sarah Johnson, OSCA history coordinator and one of SWAP’s founders, said...

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