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Sustainability Office Celebrates Milestone, Earth Day

Willa Rubin

April 22, 2016

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Office of Environmental Sustainability will hold a special event every month until the end of the year. Earth Day Field Day is the next event and is taking place today, April 22. It will feature environmentally-themed outdoor activities. The event coincides with the end of Ecolympics, which the office coordinates yearly. Anyone can organize an event for Ecolympics, which was founded in 2004, but the office oversees implementation of the two-week-long energy-saving competition and helps to co-promote it. Campaigns by ResEd and the Adam Joseph Lewis Center’s Poop Campaign have been among the most notable, and the city itself began participating in 2014 when Oberlin Public Schools...

Construction continues on the $38 million Gateway Center as the College and city spar over parking. The College recently filed a lawsuit against the city to get the permits necessary for opening the center.

College Sues City Over Gateway Center

April 15, 2016

After postponing its opening date for several months, Oberlin College officials filed a lawsuit last week against the city of Oberlin in an attempt to get the $38 million Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center the permits it needs to open. The suit comes after the city repeatedly rejected Oberlin College’s proposed parking plans for the convention center, which has forced the school to postpone the opening twice so far. The complaint stated that the city was unreasonably withholding the permits and is...

Feature Photo: College Begins New Fundraising Initiative

Feature Photo: College Begins New Fundraising Initiative

April 15, 2016

Though new swings in Tappan Square and a piano-themed crosswalk mark some of the most recent changes to Oberlin’s campus, many aspects of the College have remained the same over the years. Thus is the impetus behind the Still Oberlin campaign, a fundraising initiative the College launched this month. The campaign allows anyone who donates to the College during the month of April to request a photo of a specific location on campus or an Oberlin experience. The photo they request is taken and sent...

News Brief: Gateway Center Opening Postponed

News Brief: Gateway Center Opening Postponed

April 8, 2016

The $35 million Peter B. Louis Gateway Convention Center opening date has been postponed yet again as it continues to undergo construction. The Hotel at Oberlin, as it will be known, has been the topic of much debate between the city and the College due to several permit issues that have twice pushed back the original opening date, which was supposed to be in January. An excavation permit for concrete pouring and an occupancy permit are still needed before the hotel is allowed to open. The College...

Oberlin Youth Council Tackles Accessibility, Transportation

Adam Gittin, News Editor

March 4, 2016

After 15 years of inactivity, the Oberlin Youth Council, a group working to bring civic-minded students of diverse backgrounds together to consider issues faced by the community, has reformed. These middle school, high school and college students take time out of the school week to meet at the public library and discuss what they can do to make Oberlin a better place to live. Accessibility was a recurring topic at this Wednesday’s meeting. The council’s first two goals are to make Philips gym more open to non-College students and to increase Oberlin’s public transportation resources. “I grew up here, and also my parents work at the College, so I got to see what it was like when somebody didn’t know that...

Please Don’t Feed the Pipelines

Aliza Weidenbaum, Oberlin resident

December 11, 2015

To the Editors: As someone fully opposed to fossil fuel pipelines, I am thrilled that the city of Oberlin is able to engage the help of such an experienced attorney as Carolyn Elefant in litigating to prevent pipelines (not merely rerouting them). We need all the help that we can get. What still needs editorial focus is that Oberlin College built a new gas plant — yes, a new fossil gas-burning — when it can be expected to know better. It is precisely new gas plants — like Oberlin College’s — that “demand” gas from pipelines. Please don’t feed the pipelines. Consider Ball State University in Indiana — much less famous than Oberlin and much bigger, with around 21,000 students — which fac...

Two facilities workers complete a work order. The College and the UAW have been at loggerheads
over an administrative proposal to record how long facilities workers spend completing work orders.

UAW, College Gridlocked Over Contract

September 25, 2015

The United Auto Workers, the labor union that represents facilities workers, is clashing with Oberlin College over proposed procedural changes. The College’s plan would levy a more rigid time-evaluation system onto UAW employees, which some workers say could result in unfair penalties. “If you have an assignment that takes on average 30 minutes and someone is taking three days to do it, that’s a problem,” Oberlin UAW Chairman Milton Wyman said. “But if you take 45 minutes, and I take 30 ...

Watergate Reveals Disparities in Urban, Rural Communities

Kiley Petersen, Opinions Editor

March 13, 2015

From the way students reacted to the water boil alert that went into effect early Sunday morning on March 8, you would think the apocalypse had begun. Playfully dubbed “Watergate 2k15,” the citywide lack of water affected students and residents alike until the boil alert was lifted Monday evening. In less than 48 hours, the city was back in operating mode, with College facilities like OSCA, Stevenson Hall and DeCafé returning to regularly functioning schedules very soon after. As I wandered around campus on Sunday and Monday, however, most students were complaining about the lack of clean water, only being allowed one plastic water bottle and unable to take a shower. The thirst was real, which is understandable,...

Committee Convenes to Plan College’s Fiscal Future

Oliver Bok

September 12, 2014

This Tuesday will mark the first meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, an organization whose purpose is to determine the future of Oberlin’s educational and financial endeavors. While College President Marvin Krislov has described the plan as “an opportunity for the College and all the different constituencies of the College ... to think about the future,” some students and administrators are skeptical about how accurately the committee will address their needs. “I’d like to see the College admit that it maintains at least partial culpability — and more culpability than a lot of its peer institutions — in the student debt crisis in the United States, and [that] it commit itself...

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