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Jacques Rutzky, Meditation Teacher

Jacques Rutzky, Meditation Teacher

September 20, 2019

Jacques Rutzky is the Buddhist Affiliate to the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Oberlin or ORSL. A student of Thai Meditation Master V.R. Dhiravamsa, he leads multiple Vipassana meditation groups on campus every weekend, including an intensive Winter Term retreat in January. Rutzky worked in California for twenty-five years as a psychotherapist for adults suffering from childhood trauma. He retired at Oberlin, where he has taken on many roles, including owning a woodshop dedicated to cr...

Oberlin Meditators Help Students Manage Stress, Mental Health

Julia Herbst

November 11, 2011

It’s Tuesday night at 8:15 p.m., and Wilder 325 is filled with students seated on cushions and meditating in the semi-darkness. Most of these students are members of the Oberlin Meditators and regularly participate in weeknight and/or morning “sits” in Wilder. College junior Aki Gormezano and College senior Kristina Goldenberg took over OM, which was founded in 2007, as a way to continue practicing meditation regularly after returning to Oberlin after participating in a silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California during Winter Term 2010. “My personal hope for the group is that it provides a space for people who are really interested in meditating … and [that it’s] supportive...

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