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College sophomore Anika Lindsey showcases her fish-themed routine during the OC Aerialists performance, 'Menagerie.' The aerialists, clad in colorful animal costumes, presented a cohesive show complete with silks, hoops and tightrope acts.

Animal Aerialists Reach New Heights in Menagerie

April 8, 2016

The Oberlin College Aerialists flaunted their members’ technical skill in their routines while clothed in playful animal costumes at Menagerie, a whimsical showcase held in Hales Gymnasium Sunday evening. Eight performers impressed with a mixture of performances on silks, a hanging hoop and a tightrope, with a few tumbling moves thrown in as performers walked on and off the mats. Two members, College seniors Molly Gorin and Caitrin Hughes, made their debut on Sunday, but their skill level and ener...

In Pandora’s Box, Aerialists Personify Assortment of Evils

In Pandora’s Box, Aerialists Personify Assortment of Evils

November 21, 2014

The audience gasped as College first-year Anika Lindsey suspended herself by her head using swirling purple silks. The silks encircled the back of her head, her outstretched arms creating tension on the silks, while her feet dangled far above the blue mats on the floor. Such startling and astounding feats were presented in the OC Aerialists’ one-night performance of Pandora’s Box in Hales Gymnasium on Saturday. The performance was based on the Greek myth of Pandora’s box first printed in...

College senior Sam Karpinski tosses a fire staff into the air in one of the many fire displays of last Friday and Saturday’s performance of Up In Smoke. As suggested by the title, Up In Smoke branched out from usual OCA shows by incorporating many fire elements, including flaming poi and fire-eating.

Aerialists Finish with a Bang in ‘Up In Smoke’

May 9, 2014

“Don’t light things on fire, kids,” College senior and director of the event Samantha Karpinski said, waving to the crowd — as if anyone would take her advice after watching her fearlessly twirl, swallow and spit flames just seconds before. This was the trend last Friday and Saturday night just after sundown as the Oberlin College Aerialists lit up the tennis courts with their circus caricatures, physical prowess, artistry and, yes, real fire. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Up In Smo...

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