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Krislov’s Legacy: A Retrospective

Krislov’s Legacy: A Retrospective

May 5, 2017

Fourteenth President Marvin Krislov departs from Oberlin this semester after a decade at the College to head Pace University in New York City. His legacy reflects the complex reality of leading a small liberal arts institution for many years, with an early honeymoon period followed by ongoing internal conflict and record-breaking fundraising efforts. Hired by the Board of Trustees in 2007 to succeed controversial President Nancy Dye, the College’s first and only woman president, Krislov inheri...

Professor’s Alleged Anti-Semitism Gains Local, National Traction

Sydney Allen and Jake Berstein

March 11, 2016

Filed under Campus News, NEWS

After an Oberlin professor was accused of posting anti-Semitic messages to Facebook, the College has once again become the subject of national controversy. Outside opinions seeped into the campus community Sunday, when an anonymous individual sent an inflammatory, anti-Semitic email to around 500 students with the subject line reading, “ISRAEL DID 9/11.” The email included a variety of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories with seditious implications. Eric Estes, Oberlin’s vice president and dean of students, sent a follow-up email the same day alerting students to the spam. In his response, Estes referred to the email as “deeply offensive” and directed students toward the appropriate channels for reporting future...

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