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In The Locker Room with Olivia Canning, Senior Basketball Center

In The Locker Room with Olivia Canning, Senior Basketball Center

March 15, 2019

College senior Olivia Canning has her hands full. As a starter on the Oberlin women’s basketball team, a Psychology and Sociology major and Anthropology minor, and an active member of various Oberlin College and community organizations, Canning seems to be doing everything at once. While she has garnered accolades as a powerhouse center on the basketball court, including NCAC Defensive Player of the Year and All-NCAC First Team in the 2017–18 season, Canning has also shown academic pro...

Psychology Project Exemplifies Racial Microaggressions

Jasmine Eshkar, College senior

December 12, 2014

To the Editors: When I read the description for my final project in my Psychology Research Methods II class, I was appalled and frustrated to find that it mentioned incarceration in ways that perpetuated racist and classist notions about who is incarcerated and why. The project description explained that in a fictitious experiment, grade school students were forced to work next to prisoners as part of a summer program to show them “the terrible price of crime.” It failed to acknowledge the fact that people are incarcerated at disproportionate rates for the same socially defined “crimes” depending on their race. The imaginary school board in the project stated that small behavioral problems “eventually...

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